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Frequent travelers are a special breed -- so we've developed a special line of Postcards just for you. Now you can share your on-the-road experiences with family, friends and fellow travelers alike.

To meet the needs of your traveling lifestyle, our Postcards offer several custom features that let you:

  • Create a card today and schedule it to be sent on any date you specify. Your card will be sent automatically - even if you're nowhere near an Internet connection.
  • Select a custom-designed logo stamp for your card that announces your frequent flyer program affiliation.
  • Send a card to up to five people with one click of the mouse.
  • Choose to be notified by email when the card you sent has been delivered.

Plus, all of our Postcard graphics are hand-selected from the highest-quality images available (you won't find any shoddy-looking animated graphics here).

So to get started, simply select a card from any category (or choose one of the featured cards) and follow the instructions.

Featured Cards

Fees, Fees, Fees
Fees Fees
Battle for Milwaukee
Fees Fees

Change Fees
Fees Fees

Fees Fees Fees
FF Dating
Fees for Santa
Fees Fees

Fees Fees Fees
Fees Fees
The man who has no imagination
Coming Home
Though we travel....
Bargain Fees
Letter to Santa
Possible Merger
Hidden AAdvantage
Wild for Wisconsin
Where There's a Wil
New Book
Fortune Teller
Santa Fees
Promotions Graveyard
Endangered Species
Winning by a Mile
Fees Fees Fees

Mr. Carnac
Letter to Santa
Grief Counseling
Santa's Upgrade
It's Alive!
The Freddies Return
Battle for Milwaukee
Good Ol' Days
Arctic Award
Airport Security
AA Lifetime Elite
Good Luck New Year
New Year Kiss
Hidden AAdvantage
Holiday Flyers
Passed Out
Baseball Miles
Elite Turkeys
March Madness
A Taxing Thought
Up, Up... and Away
Numbers Game
Future Awards
Original Mileage Run
Honeymoon in First
Upgrade Claus
The Freddies Return
American Merger
Where There's a Will
Your Turn
I Object!
Road Runner
Miles on Credit
March Madness
MegaDo's and Don'ts
New Year
Friends Without Benefits
By Court Decree
Care to join me?
Aisle and window


Frequent Flyer Images
Frequent Flyer Funnies
Frequent Flyer Attitude
From the Road
To the Road
Traveler to Traveler

Kid Stuff
Holiday Season
Get Well
Missing You
Loving You
See You Soon


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