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Late-Breaking Program News American Airlines Admirals Club 30-day Pass
(Posted: Jul 20, 2011)

American has announced a new lounge pass option where travelers can purchase 30 days of unlimited access to the Admirals Club for $99.

Members who don?t fly frequently on American can buy a 30-day pass and receive access to over 40 Admiral Club lounges worldwide for a consecutive 30-day period.

The pass also allows the passholder to bring up to two guests with them into the lounge.

Admirals Club lounges offer complimentary Wi-Fi, free drinks and snacks and showers and children?s rooms in select locations.

A one-day pass to the lounge costs $50 so if you are flying on American and want to visit an Admirals Club lounge on the outbound and return trip, a 30-day pass is a dollar cheaper than two one-day passes and gives you lounge access for a month.

LINK: to learn more.

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