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Ratings & Reviews

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Czech Airlines OK Plus
Website Review


(24 ratings)

Rated: December 2012- The landing page for Czech Airlines has an oversized image of a snow-covered Prague and the OK Plus home page is rather drab in comparison. The frequent flyer pages are all business with short paragraphs and a list of links but no images. There is no menu bar and all of the links are simply listed at the bottom of the page. Once you click a link to go to a new page, you will have to return to the home page to access the other links. Being able to navigate the OK Plus pages via a menu bar would be more efficient.

To the left of the home page is a box where members can register to become an OK Plus member or log in to their account. When signing up, members can select to receive correspondence from Czech Airlines in either English or Czech and request preferred seating, special assistance and special meal requirements, such as the ever popular "bland meal."

After logging into their account, members have access to a vastly superior website compared to what appears to visitors and members who haven't logged in yet. There is a menu bar to the left and top of the screen with links to additional information and some sections, such as promotional bonuses and award sales, are only available to members who log in. It seems that the pages for visitors only offer an introduction to the program whereas the more in-depth information is reserved for members.

Award tickets can only be booked by calling reservations. You can view award charts that will show you how many miles you'll need, but to book an award, you'll need to pick up the phone. There is a toll-free number from the Czech Republic and another number for calls from elsewhere. The call center is open 24/7 so if you need to book an award and live in another country, you can call anytime to reach an English speaking representative.

From the My Account page, members can view their account statement, purchase miles online, transfer miles and claim missing miles on Czech Airlines online. You will need to fill out a claim form and sent it to the service center to request missing miles from partner airlines.

Click Earn Miles to view all of the different ways to acquire more miles by category. There is also a link to a Miles Calculator that will let you know how many miles and segments you will earn for a specific itinerary. The Redeem Your Miles page looks similar to the Earn Miles page but the information is only about the award options available to members.

Click Information for Members to find a link to the latest news and changes to OK Plus and the terms and conditions for the program.

Most members expect to be able to book award tickets online, a feature that OK Plus does not offer. The website for members is well-organized and contains all of the information members need but the website for visitors isn't as comprehensive.


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