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Ratings & Reviews

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SAS EuroBonus
Website Review


(30 ratings)

Rated: August 2010- When you first access the SAS EuroBonus home page, you notice that nothing really screams out at you and there are no flashing graphics to draw your attention. You can, however, tell at a glance that the site features quite a lot of information for EuroBonus members.

If you are a current member, you can log in at the top right of the screen. If you would like to join, you can click the Join EuroBonus link on the left side of the screen. The link is listed with other links such as About EuroBonus, Levels and benefits, Member Services, Spend and earn points, SAS EuroBonus Shops, Offers and News. It takes just a couple of minutes to join and you will have instant access to your membership number. You'll be notified that a EuroBonus card and a quick guide to the program will follow through the mail and a personal security code "will be sent in the next few days via email, then you can create your own profile..."

There is another link to join that is a bit more noticeable in the middle of the page, but again is buried somewhat between other links such as Spend, Earn and Services. There is also a "Highlights from the Editor!" section of the home page featuring links entitled, Rewarding (featuring information about one-way award tickets); Summer (information about award sales) and Shop (information about how you can earn and spend points online).

As we found our way through the various pages related to the frequent flyer program, we noticed that although there is a lot of information, it is sometimes presented in a rather haphazard fashion.

For example, on the Levels and benefits page, you are presented with not only information about the various elite levels of the EuroBonus program, but also you can be drawn away from the page with links such as "Upgrade. A perfect start or end on a trip for points" which is not specifically related to an elite level. Another link, "Are you looking for ways to earn MORE points?" simply takes you to the same page you would land on if you clicked the Offers link from the menu, and is more information not specifically related to elite levels.

The Spend and earn page features three tabs: Spend points, Earn points and Buy points, and again, there are graphics and links that can draw your attention away from the page. The partner information is within these pages but the best way to access the information is to follow the links directly below the Spend and earn link (instead of clicking the Spend and earn link and then looking for partner information).

The Member Services link takes you to your account information that can be viewed after you've logged in. An FAQ list is accessed through this page as well that features 26 questions and answers about the program.

Although the Web site seems to have the functionality you expect as a frequent flyer, notably, being able to claim awards online including one-way and miles and money awards, the haphazard fashion in which the information is displayed is sometimes distracting and makes you wish for a more straight-forward approach.



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