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Website Review


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Rated: November 2012- UsingMiles.com manages over 16 billion miles, points and credits for its members. And while three airlines (Southwest, American and Delta) have told mileage managing sites such as usingmiles.com to stop keeping track of their members' miles/points, for now, the majority of programs continue to allow third party tracking sites like UsingMiles.com access to member data.

Once you've logged in as a member, there are four menu options listed at the top of the page: Travel Search, Dashboard, Add Programs and Bonus Offers. After registering for an account, members can add their airline, hotel, credit card, rental car, shopping and dining and other loyalty programs. UsingMiles.com currently supports 210 programs and if you'd like a program added, you can send a request. Members can also track the accounts of family members. To add a program to track, click the logo of that program. Programs are organized by Featured, Most Popular and All Categories, or you can click the category at the top of the page or type in the name of the program you are looking for in the search box. Enter your username, password and name of the account owner (optional) and the program will be added to your Dashboard.

In the Dashboard view, members can view their program account balances at a glance, along with expiration dates. For each program, you can click the view tab to see more specific information about your account, including your elite-qualifying miles, how to earn more miles and links to view account history, program terms, program website and contact information.

UsingMiles.com offers two tiers of service, a Basic membership that is free and a Premier membership that is $29.99 per year. Both levels allow members to track their loyalty programs, view bonus offers, deals and tips on using their miles.Members can also search for flights and hotels and receive e-statements with recent activity. With a Premier membership, members can search for flight and hotel award availability as well as link to the airline and hotel partner site to redeem, and you will also receive alerts when miles are going to expire.

When looking for ways to earn more points, you can browse for offers by program or enter keywords into a search box, such as Las Vegas or Europe. For example, if you are thinking of changing cell phone carriers and want to know if there are any bonus offers, enter wireless into the search box to view offers.

The flight and hotel search engine will let you search for fares and awards simultaneously. The tool will only search for award flights on airlines with which you have enough miles for an award trip. You can also sign up for trip alerts to receive emails when the price drops on the route and dates you selected. Keep in mind that the award search will only look for awards available online and you will have access to additional flight awards when calling the airline.

UsingMiles.com is a useful site that helps members keep track of their loyalty programs. The free version has most of the features as the Premier membership, but if you want to receive miles/points expiration alerts and access the award search engine, you will need to pay the $29.99 yearly fee.


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