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Mouse over a Featured Card title to preview that card. Or, select a card category or Special Occasion to see all the cards.

Frequent travelers are a special breed -- so we've developed a special line of Postcards just for you. Now you can share your on-the-road experiences with family, friends and fellow travelers alike.

To meet the needs of your traveling lifestyle, our Postcards offer several custom features that let you:

  • Create a card today and schedule it to be sent on any date you specify. Your card will be sent automatically - even if you're nowhere near an Internet connection.
  • Select a custom-designed logo stamp for your card that announces your frequent flyer program affiliation.
  • Send a card to up to five people with one click of the mouse.
  • Choose to be notified by email when the card you sent has been delivered.

Plus, all of our Postcard graphics are hand-selected from the highest-quality images available (you won't find any shoddy-looking animated graphics here).

So to get started, simply select a card from any category (or choose one of the featured cards) and follow the instructions.

Featured Cards





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