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Frequent Flyer Funnies
Frequent Flyer Funnies - Delta Restructuring

"Delta Restructuring"

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1,000,000 Monkeys
2014 Freddie Awards
A Taxing Thought
AA Lifetime Elite
Airline New Year's Resolutions
Airline Partnerships
Airport Security
American Merger
Among the Elite
April Applications
Arctic Award
Ask Santa
Attention, Passengers!
Award Redemption Desk
Bankruptcy and Miles
Bargain Fees
Bartering Miles
Baseball Miles
Battle for Milwaukee
Beside the Point
Blessed Unions
Box of Chocolates
Business or Leisure?
Buzz Words
By Court Decree
Can of Worms
Can't Pass Up Triple Miles
Casino Miles
Chaos Theory
College Miles
Competition for Upgrades
Delayed Redemption
Delta Restructuring
Disappearing Act
Do you accept...?
Do you take...
Double Miles for Cancelled Flights
Dream Deferred
Elite Security Check-Ins
Elite Turkeys
Elite-Level Extension
Endangered Species
Eye of the Beholder
Fees Fees Fees
FlyerTalk's One Year Anniversary
Focus Group
Fortune Teller
Free Award Flights
Frequent Collateral
Frequent Flyer Insurance
Frequent Flyer Marketing 101
Frequent Flyer National Election
Frequent Flyer Political Party
Frequent Flyer's Last Request
Friends Without Benefits
Future Awards
Future Million Milers
Give Blood, Get Miles
Golfing for Miles
Gone in 60 Seconds
Good 'Ole Days
Good Luck New Year
Good News, Bad News
Good Ol' Days
Got Your Tax Refund?
Grief Counseling
Grocery Miles
Hair Today, Miles Tomorrow
Happy Birthday Frequent Flyer Programs
Happy Thanksgiving
Hidden AAdvantage
Hidden AAdvantage
Holiday Flyers
Honeymoon in First
How Many Miles is it to Stay Home?
How Many Miles...?
I Object!
It Would Have Been Better, But...
It's Alive!
Letter to Santa
Letter to Santa
Man and Wife
March Madness
March Madness
Me and My Shadow Economy
MegaDo's and Don'ts
Mergers - Change of Heart
Miles for Flowers
Miles on Credit
Miles to Pay Taxes
Million Mile Sweepstakes
Million-Mile March
Mitigating the Pain
Money'll Get You There Faster
Mr. Carnac
Musical Award Seats
MY Dad Has More Miles...
New Arrivals
New Book
New Name
New Year
New Year Kiss
No Blackouts???
Numbers Game
Off-Peak Award Travel
Off-Peak Awards
On Strike
Only 274 More Nights...
Only 274 more nights...
Original Mileage Run
Oscar Awards
Palm Miles
Passed Out
Patience Plus
Play... Wheel of Worry!
Popular Destinations...
Possible Merger
Press "F" for Flyer
Program that Saved an Airline
Promotions Graveyard
Requalify Your American AAdvantage Status
Road Runner
Romantic Gesture?
Santa Fees
Santa Miles
Santa Miles
Santa's Upgrade
Security Check-In
Space Awards
Stages of FF Grief
Stay At Home
Stay Home
Tax Rebate
Taxing Miles
The Competition for Upgrades Intensifies
The Cost of a Free Ticket
The Fine Print
The Freddies Return
The Freddies Return
The Greatest Program
The House of Miles
The Loyal Public
The Mileage Runner
The Most Chaotic Thing in the Universe
The Secret of a Happy New Year
The Service Center of the Future
The Way It Is and the Way It Ought To Be
The Yellow Brick Road
Threat Level Red
Travel Quiz
Triple Miles on Frankincense
Tug of War
Up, Up... and Away
Upgrade Claus
Upgrade Man
Upgrade With One, Earn With Another
Vegas Miles
Vision Test
Voted Off the Island
Wanting Upgrades
Was it the Magazines or the Miles?
What's Up Doc
When Elves Go Bad
Where There's a Wil
Where There's a Will
Which Card Should I use?
Who Gets the Miles?
Who Wants to be a Mileage Million Air?
Wild for Wisconsin
Will Work for Miles
Winning Bid?
Winning by a Mile
You're Fired!
Your Turn


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