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"Tracking Miles and Points"
(November 2011)

1. If you use an online mileage manager, which one do you use?
28.4% AwardWallet.com
4.5% GoMiles.com
4.0% usingmiles.com
3.3% MileWise.com
27.6% PointHub.com
4.5% Superfly.com
10.3% Points.com
7.3% TripIt Pro
10.1% Other

2. Do you know exactly how many miles and/or points you currently have?
79.4% Yes
20.6% No

3. Do online mileage managers provide an advantage over keeping track of your miles manually?
77.3% Yes
22.7% No

4. What mileage manager feature is most valuable to you?
24.5% Keeping track of expiration dates for miles/points
51.6% Being able to see all of your account balances in one place
8.8% Email or text alerts
15.1% Being able to see the cash value of your miles/points

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