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NotiFlyer :: Late-Breaking News
Late-Breaking Program News US Airways To Rescind Unpopular Elite Changes
(Posted: Sep 6, 2002)

Evidently, US Airways Dividend Miles has heard the public outcry and the airline plans to announce today (Sept. 6) that it will rescind the highly unpopular elite-level changes that had recently been implemented.

"Based on feedback from customers, today we have announced two changes to our policies regarding non-refundable fares," said Ben Baldanza, Senior VP Marketing, US Airways. "You will be pleased to know that we will continue to credit all miles earned toward tier status whether on full or restricted fares."

The retraction comes 11 days after the airline first announced the changes. In that time, other airlines have duplicated changes made by US Airways to standby ticket fees and non-refundable policies, but no other airline copied the elite-level policy changes -- leaving US Airways alone and feeling the heat.

This is certainly a positive move by US Airways and should help the airline retain many of its most loyal customers. Clearly the united voice of thousands of frequent flyers influenced the decision, once again reinforcing the value and power of frequent flyer programs.

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