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NotiFlyer :: Late-Breaking News
Late-Breaking Program News Serving Up United Mileage Plus Miles
(Posted: Sep 12, 2002)

Sportsladders.com, an online organization created to help sports enthusiasts find opponents in their favorite sport, has developed an innovative new program that allows its members to earn points based on match results. "How," you ask, "does this apply to me as a frequent flyer?" Glad you asked. The points earned through match play can be converted into United Mileage Plus miles, meaning you can now earn miles for playing your favorite sport.

To qualify to earn points/miles, you must join http://www.sportsladders.com as a Premier member at a rate of $29.95 per year. Upon joining, you can begin scheduling matches with other members in any of the following sports: Tennis, Racquetball, Squash and Badminton (other sports, such as Handball, Table Tennis and Wheelchair Tennis are in the works). Once you complete your match, simply log the results online and points will be awarded accordingly. Though more points are awarded for a winning effort, members can still earn points even if their performance was somewhat less than what they had hoped.

Sportsladders.com points convert to Mileage Plus miles at a 3:1 ratio and conversions are completed at the end of each calendar-year quarter. As a point of reference, the points leader in the tennis ladder for the third quarter has accumulated a total of 601 points to date, which would translate into approximately 200 miles for three months of tennis. And the top earner in racquetball has accumulated over 3,000 points this quarter. At this rate, this racquetballer could potentially earn 4,000 miles a year and whip him/herself into shape at the same time.

But what if you're on the road all of the time and can't set up regular matches in your hometown? No problem. With a growing network of members worldwide, frequent travelers will likely have no problem setting up a match with a suitable opponent in nearly every corner of the globe.

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