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NotiFlyer :: Late-Breaking News
Late-Breaking Program News Hyatt Gold Passport Changes
(Posted: Apr 29, 2010)

Effective June 4, 2010 Hyatt Gold Passport is adding a new, higher category 6 for high-end properties such as the Park Hyatt Chicago, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and Park Hyatt Zurich. The new category 6 will require 22,000 points per night and include 20 domestic and international properties.

All the other categories will remain the same, but 65 properties will be moved into lower categories and 89 will be moved into higher categories (including the 20 that will become category 6 properties).

It's been a while since Hyatt adjusted their award chart - the last time they made changes was over three years ago. It will now be more expensive to stay at some of Hyatt's best properties, but 65 properties will be moved into lower categories, which will benefit some members.

Guests who have already booked award stays at hotels that will become less expensive on June 4 will receive a refund of the difference between the old and new prices but guests whose stays will require more points on June 4 will not be charged additional points.

You can book stays at the old rates until June 3, so check the list of hotels moving categories to see if you will save some points by booking before the changes go into effect.

LINK: http://www.webflyer.com/link/?2489

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