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NotiFlyer :: Late-Breaking News
Late-Breaking Program News US Airways Dividend Miles Shopping Bonus
(Posted: Aug 5, 2010)

Through Aug. 31, US Airways Dividend Miles can earn up to 100 percent bonus miles when shopping at the Dividend Miles online shopping mall.

The more stores you shop at, the more bonus miles you can earn.

For example, when you shop at two stores, you'll earn 20 percent bonus miles. Shop at five stores to earn 50 percent bonus miles and when you stop at a total of 10 different stores, you'll earn 100 percent bonus miles on every purchase you made during the promotion, on up to 10 individual purchases.

Tiered bonuses are as follows:
one store = 0 percent bonus
two different stores = 20 percent bonus
three different stores = 30 percent bonus
four different stores = 40 percent bonus
five different stores = 50 percent bonus
six different stores = 60 percent bonus
seven different stores = 70 percent bonus
eight different stores = 80 percent bonus
nine different stores = 90 percent bonus
10 different stores = 100 percent bonus

All of the US Airways Dividend Miles Shopping Mall stores are participating, including Barnes & Noble, Office Max, textbooks.com and The North Face, to name a few.

LINK: http://www.webflyer.com/link/?2812

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