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NotiFlyer :: Late-Breaking News
Late-Breaking Program News WorldPerks Extends Benefits for Members of U.S. Military
(Posted: Feb 11, 2003)

While government leaders from around the world continue to work to avoid possible war, the Northwest WorldPerks program is doing its part to ease the concerns of those who would be called upon to serve in the conflict.

Northwest Airlines has announced that it will extend the 2003 Elite status level of WorldPerks Reserve and National Guard members who are called to extended active duty. Northwest will also extend the 2003 Elite status level of active duty military members who receive deployment orders.

This recognition will extend their 2003 Elite status through the 2004 program year ending February 28, 2005.

Qualifying WorldPerks Elite members should fax their Activation/Mobilization or Deployment notices, along with their WorldPerks number, to (218) 254-7566. Elite members with questions may call the Elite Services Reservations number on the back of their membership card.

Though retaining elite status would certainly fall near the bottom of concerns if war cannot be averted, WorldPerks deserves kudos for the thoughtfulness of the gesture.

Previous comments:

posted: Mar 8, 2004 at 7:09am (MT)

this program seems real nice unless your active duty. any one from the gaurd who gets activated and goes to a base in there home state gets paid a good amount of money to do so. And for being activated they also recieve benifits like this. i say good for them however military members who arent deployed but go TDY to iraq, kosovo, afganistan etc. dont get the benefits. Nor do persons who serve the war effort from the states. for instance those who fly predetors or for that matter not just UAVs but any aircraft. most pilots and air crews fly out of any where but BIAP. I think NWA and all airlines should offer the same benefits to all troops- by the way i work in a squadron that doesnt deploy and found out about this program from a guard troop who works with me.

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