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NotiFlyer :: Late-Breaking News
Late-Breaking Program News HHonors No Longer Accepting Mileage Plus Transfers
(Posted: Mar 21, 2003)

An announcement posted on the Hilton HHonors Web site ( http://www.hhonors.com ) states that, as of 12:01 a.m. March 21, members will no longer be able to convert United Mileage Plus miles to HHonors points or points to miles through the Reward Exchange program.

This change to the program was made virtually without notice.

It seems clear the move was made by HHonors to protect itself against the expected hordes of Mileage Plus members who will be looking to protect their miles should United fail to emerge from bankruptcy. While the decision to implement the change effective immediately is regrettable, and serves as yet another warning to program members during these uncertain times, it is difficult to fault HHonors for protecting its own interests. There is no word on when, or if, the exchange partnership will be reinstated.

HHonors representatives have acknowledged that any transfers initiated prior to March 21 will be honored. Members can continue to Double Dip with United. If you have questions about a transfer, call HHonors customer service at (800) 548-8690.

Update: United has also suspended the portion of its Mileage Plus Dining program that allows members to use miles to pay for meal certificates. This is not to be confused with the Diners Club exchange option, which had been rumored to have been suspended but is, in fact, still available to Mileage Plus members.

Previous comments:

posted: Mar 27, 2003 at 8:48am (MT)

Hilton probably learned that they were a low creditor on the totem pole - remember that UA is in bankruptcy. If the miles / points are exchanged both ways in roughly equal proportions then risk is low for Hilton. If miles get exchanged for points and much fewer get exchanged the other way then Hilton United will owe Hilton $, lots of $$$$.

Now that liquidation has been put on the table as a strong possibility, Hilton is moving fast to protect their bottom line.

I cannot fault Hilton here.

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