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NotiFlyer :: Late-Breaking News
Late-Breaking Program News How to Get a Flight Upgrade (Maybe)
(Posted: May 28, 2013)

We all know the best way to bag a free upgrade is to be an elite member.

But according to a recent survey of more than 700 flight attendants in 83 countries, a few other factors can weigh in your favor when you're coveting a seat upfront.

Men are more likely to get upgraded than women, 58 percent to 42 percent. Seventy-two percent said they were more inclined to give an upgrade to a passenger flying alone and 83 percent said being polite to the crew makes a difference.

If you have an injury, 65 percent said they are more likely to offer you an upgrade and if you dress well, 59 percent are more likely. Other factors that might sway the crew include being on your honeymoon, knowing a crew member and traveling at non-peak times when more seats are available. A sob story might sway 35 percent of the crew while looking your best would sway 31 percent.

Eighty percent said that being a member of the airline's frequent flyer program ups your chances of being upgraded.

Read the results of the full survey at http://www.skyscanner.net/news/cabin-crew-reveal-how-get-upgrade

Previous comments:

posted: May 29, 2013 at 1:41pm (MT)

I have been upgraded by virtue of holding the airline's branded credit card, or by being recognized by the gate agents as a frequent flyer.

Alfred Vachris
posted: May 31, 2013 at 9:23pm (MT)

I would say elite status moves the most people to the front. Otherwise it is just luck that coach is overbooked and they need to move somebody. If you are lucky you get moved.

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