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NotiFlyer :: Late-Breaking News
Late-Breaking Program News JetBlue Badges
(Posted: Jul 15, 2013)

JetBlue has introduced a new recognition program where members can earn Badges for completing eligible flight and partner activity.

Right now, there are 292 badges members can earn and some badges also come with bonus points. For example, when you join the TrueBlue Badges program you will earn 100 points. You can earn 250 points by connecting your Twitter account and 500 points for connecting your Facebook account. By connecting your accounts, you are authorizing TrueBlue Badges to post tweets and Facebook posts (you can opt out for Facebook) on your behalf. You can also earn points and badges for inviting others to join TrueBlue and TrueBlue Badges and volunteering at a JetBlue Corporate Social Responsibility Event.

Members who earn Mosaic status will also receive a badge for attaining Mosaic but the Mosaic badge does not come with additional points.

Members will also receive badges for visiting JetBlue destinations and purchasing an Even More Space seat. Fly three times to a destination and you'll receive a Tourist badge and a bonus 100 points. Complete transactions with partners such as booking a stay with Marriott or Hilton or renting a car with Avis or Hertz and you'll receive a badge but no points in addition to those you would normally earn for the transaction.

You can view a Leaderboard that ranks members by the number of badges they've earned and you can view your own collection of badges and the points you've earned from pursuing them.

TrueBlue has created a new way to reward customers for interacting with partners, flying to JetBlue destinations and participating in social media. While members can rack up some bonus points by earning Badges, many of the Badges you can earn don't offer bonus points.

Visit https://badges.jetblue.com/ to learn more.

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