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NotiFlyer :: Late-Breaking News
Late-Breaking Program News Earn Bonus Miles with Wall&Main
(Posted: Jul 16, 2013)

Occasionally we see a unique offer that has some hidden value for the right person - this is one of those.

A new crowdfunding resource called Wall&Main is soon to launch with a promotion to crowdfund itself to help all sorts of business and entrepreneurs raise capital for those ideas that are both BIG and small. To fund the venture, they are offering frequent flyer miles and appear to be the first ever to do so.

This is one of those times where if you know how to manage your award redemption, you can do pretty good at acquiring huge numbers of miles for use later on. For instance, the top offer (Platinum) to help fund the venture includes a bonus of one million United MileagePlus miles for a package costing $30,000; a smaller package (Bronze) is $4,500 which includes 150,000 bonus miles.

We like this for a few reasons: it gives those who have the interest and skill to leverage miles for premium seats on United (and partners) to have almost an unlimited resource to do so. No more massive mileage runs that don't account for the travel cost or time, no more fancy credit card app-o-rama's to spin your world, but an identifiable and reliable avenue for those who do know how to manage their miles and other purchases.

While three cents a mile might be on the high end of mileage accumulation cost, it apparently does not have any limits to buy which most other if not all other offers have. But obviously if you are considering anything like this, make sure you have a value plan. Here's an example, one of our fellow road warriors took advantage of an early "friends and family" offer and knew how to leverage these sorts of offers and "invested" $15,000 for 500,000 bonus miles and promptly turned just 240,000 of those miles into two roundtrip tickets on MileagePlus partner US Airways to Beijing in premium cabins which when priced out would have cost the road warrior $18,704.

In the actual example above, the person got their "investment" back right away and still had 260,000 miles left to leverage. We certainly would not advise this for some of our readers, but when the timing and value is right, these offers can be used to your advantage.

This should appeal to those knowing how to get 4-13 cents per mile out of redemption. Our interest is in the long view and that is seeing this new program succeed so that the crowdfunding platform helps those ideas that will make our lives so much better in the future. But remember, value is in the eye of the individual beholder.

We, along with Milepoint, contacted Wall&Main when first hearing of this idea and potential mileage offer and have been able to convince them to make available two very special offers.

For the first 300 packages purchased by 10pm (Pacific Time) today (Tuesday, July 16th), a matching MileagePlus Premier status for the 2014 program year will be included in the package. For example:
- Purchase a W&M Platinum package, receive MileagePlus Premier Platinum status
- Purchase a W&M Gold package, receive MileagePlus Premier Gold status
- Purchase a W&M Silver or Bronze package, receive MileagePlus Silver status

They are only able to make 300 of these Premier Elite statuses available to us.

AND, the second offer is for ALL of our readers who buy a package by the 10pm (Pacific Time) today deadline. Wall&Main is including a set of Bose QC-15 noise canceling headphones at no extra charge. Hey, we know what road warriors/frequent flyers like ...

Just visit http://www.wallandmain.com

The elite memberships are very limited, so act quickly since the special offers end tonight at 10pm Pacific time. Readers who purchase any package will receive an email confirmation of their status and their elite and/or headphone bonuses from Wall&Main.

Previous comments:

Pat Cook
posted: Jul 18, 2013 at 2:03am (MT)

Any chance this will happen again? I missed it.

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