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NotiFlyer :: Late-Breaking News
Late-Breaking Program News Frontier Airlines EarlyReturns Changes
(Posted: Aug 21, 2008)

Frontier Airlines has announced it is changing its award structure and award fees, citing the "historically high and unpredictable cost of fuel" as the reason for needing to implement the changes. Despite the changes, the roundtrip domestic award offered by the Denver-based airline remains lower than the industry standard.

Effective Sept. 15, 2008, award travel within the contiguous U.S. and Canada will increase 5,000 miles to 20,000 miles roundtrip (15,000 miles one way). An EarlyReturns PLUS+ roundtrip will be 40,000 miles roundtrip (30,000 miles one way), up from 30,000 miles roundtrip.

Award travel to or from Alaska or Mexico will now require 30,000 miles roundtrip (20,000 miles one way), up from 25,000 miles roundtrip. An EarlyReturns PLUS+ roundtrip will require 55,000 miles (45,000 miles one way), up from 45,000 miles roundtrip.

Travel to or from Costa Rica is now 40,000 miles roundtrip, up from 35,000 miles; 65,000 miles for a PLUS+ roundtrip, up from 55,000 miles.

In addition to the increased mileage requirements for awards, EarlyReturns is adding and increasing award fees. For award tickets issued on or after Sept. 15, 2008, non-elite members will need to pay a non-refundable $25 redemption fee for all award bookings; this fee is in addition to the $25 fee required for awards booked over the phone. The expedite fee for awards issued within 14 days of travel will increase from $35 to $75 (waived for EarlyReturns PLUS+ and Weekend Web Fares) and the fee to change or cancel an award will also increase from $35 to $75. All fees, including the new redemption fee, are waived for Summit Members.

The changes go into effect Sept. 15, 2008, so you still have a few weeks to redeem miles at the lower redemption rates. And if you need some extra miles to top off your account, you can purchase miles at a 30 percent discount until Sept. 30, 2008. Miles can be purchased in 1,000-mile increments for $20 per 1,000 miles (normally $28).

LINK: http://www.frontierairlines.com/frontier/frequent-flyers/use-your-miles/redeem-miles.do

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