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NotiFlyer :: Late-Breaking News
Late-Breaking Program News Air Canada Drops Second Bag Fee
(Posted: Sep 18, 2008)

Just days after United increased its second bag fee to $50, Air Canada announced it is eliminating the $25 fee to check a second bag, which was introduced May 15. The change goes into effect Sept. 23, 2008 and Air Canada is the first carrier to remove a second checked bag fee, a decision we hope other carriers will follow. The airline stated in a press release, "Although the cost of fuel remains highly volatile and far above historic norms, the recent retreat in oil prices is enabling us to reinstate our previous baggage policy."

The airline is also incorporating fuel surcharges into the base fare, making the total cost of a ticket more transparent.

And beginning Oct. 14, 2008, Air Canada is introducing a single $75 fee ($100 international) that will apply to overweight and/or oversize baggage. In other words, if your bag is too heavy and too big, you will only be charged $75. And if you check extra baggage (more than two bags), you'll only be charged the $100 excess bag fee and no overweight or oversize fees.

LINK: http://www.aircanada.com/en/news/index.html?src=hp_wn

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