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Please enjoy our listing of terms related to frequent flying and general travel. Whether you're new to the whole miles and points world, or a seasoned veteran looking to improve your travel vocabulary, we hope you find this list informative and fun.

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MA: Malev-Hungarian Airlines

MATRON: Airline employee, often middle-aged woman, who polices access to business and first class lounges.

MCO: Miscellaneous Charges Order, paper issued by the airline for a ticket refund, etc. Not to be confused with MCO, the code for
Orlando, FL.

MEMBERSHIP PRIVILEGES: Special privileges granted by airlines and hotels to members of frequent travel programs. For example, hotels may offer discounted rates or free nights to program members for a limited time.

METAL: Refers to aircraft (thus metal) of the airline you are flying. (i.e., Delta metal, American metal, etc...).

MH: Malaysia Airlines

MHC: Mile High Club

MHD: Mexican Hat Dance, a type of mileage run between Canada and Mexico

MILEAGE JUNKIE: A frequent flyer who obsessively accumulates miles and points, and often does not redeem many awards.


MILEAGE PURCHASE: The capability to purchase a certain percentage of miles needed to redeem a specific award.

MILEAGE RUN: A series of flights taken in a very short amount of time, solely for the purpose of accumulating frequent flyer miles, with a blatant disregard for the destinations.

MINIMUM MILEAGE: Minimum number of miles earned by a program member, regardless of the length of the flight; usually 500 miles.

MLL: Maple Leaf Lounge - Air Canada's network of Elite and VIP airport lounges.

MPM: Maximum Permitted Mileage. Many tickets especially RTW have a maximum number of miles permitted under the fare.

MQM: Medallion Qualification Miles, miles that count towards achievement of Elite status on Delta.

MR: Mileage Run - A series of flights taken in a very short amount of time, solely for the purpose of accumulating frequent flyer miles, with a blatant disregard for the destinations.

MR is also used as an abbreviation for American Express Membership Rewards.

MRTC: American's "More Room Throughout Coach"

MS: Manufactured Spend: Manufactured Spending is a popular way to earn miles/points/credits without travel involved. The manner is to use purchase instruments that are the equivalent of cash such as gift cards, money orders, reloadable debit cards and the more popular loyalty credit earning credit card. These methods havve a goal outside of normal purchasing habits and that is to earn the miles/points/credits for the purchase and then liquidate the funds in order to pay back the credit card or the purchase instrument. These cyceles of purchases and payments are referred to as “roundtrips”.; ALSO: Egyptair

MU: China Eastern Airlines

MX: Mexicana de Aviacion OR flight canceled/delayed due to mechanical problems

Because new terms are always popping up, feel free to submit any that you feel are missing along with an explanation of what the term means. These suggestions can be emailed to glossary@webflyer.com.


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