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Travel Information :: Award Donation Center

Each year, frequent travelers donate million of miles and points to needy charities and individuals. Most of these donations are made directly to the program itself, which then distribute the miles to affiliated non-profit organizations. But many frequent travelers who would like to donate miles and points do not. Why? Because the process has traditionally been under publicized and frought with unnecessary obstacles.

Which is why we've incorporated www.MileDonor.com into the WebFlyer Network of sites. MileDonor is dedicated to removing the obstacles to mileage donations by providing detailed information on how to donate miles and serving as a request center for those in need.

Potential donors can learn which charitable organizations are affiliated with each airline and hotel program, and can learn of ways to donate to a charity of their choice -- even if it's not affiliated with a program. There is also information regarding tax concessions and an FAQ section that addresses common donation questions.

Charitable organizations and individuals in need will also find the site full of valuabe information and resources. Organizations can learn how to develop a partnership with a frequent travel program and the site is outfitted with an interactive application that allows individuals and charities alike to post requests for donations.

So, if you are interested in donating some of your miles and points to a worthy cause, or if you or your organization is in need of travel assistance, MileDonor.com is a must visit site.


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