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Deal Watch Questions about DealWatch?
DealWatch Questions Search for Deals?

Are the cities listed the only ones you feature?
We do not limit ourselves to a set list of cities. All cities listed are there because we have received deals for them. As we receive more deals during the week, that list will grow, so keep checking back.

Can I earn frequent flyer miles on these deals?
Since each carrier has its own terms and conditions, you should check with that airline's reservation agents to make sure. Click on the "more info" link next to each fare to find the contact/booking link or phone number.

I'd like to view the deals by city letter, like the old system did. How can I do this?
Use the "By City Letter" search option which gives a separate list of letters for Air, Hotel, and Car deals. Pick the letter you want, click "go", and you'll be presented with all deals in that city letter.

In the Hotel Deals section, some properties have multiple listings with different prices. Which is the correct price?
Actually, all are correct. The different prices refer to different stay dates. Check with your reservation agent to determine which price pertains to the date you wish to stay.

What is your definition of "International" and where are they listed?
We define International as any city outside the 50 United States. We list all air deals, both Domestic and International, in a single listing alphabetized by city letter.

When are the deals posted?
We will post deals as we receive them to ensure that our visitors have as much time as possible to make reservations. You can expect new deals to be added starting on Monday, and continuing throughout the week. Generally, the majority are up by Wednesday at 3pm Mountain Time, but check back later in the week to see if any more have been added.

When do these deals expire? Are they then removed?
The deals are entered so that they automatically remove themselves from the list when they expire. All deals listed are still valid, but remember that these are in high demand and although they're still valid from a date perspective, the seats may have already been filled, so check with an agent early to confirm seat availability. The majority of deals expire on the coming Sunday, so expect a drop in the number of deals listed until Monday afternoon, when we start to receive new deals to enter.

Where do I reserve these deals that I find?
Next to each fare is a "more info" link that will show you required promotion codes, rules and restrictions, and a link to that particular carrier's site so that you may book your fare. DealWatch is only a reporting service; we do not handle online booking.

Where do the deals come from? Do you make them yourselves?
We only report on deals that we find either on the internet, or through emails from the various carriers and companies. The deals that you see on DealWatch are a consolidation this data presented in one place.

Why do you have multiple listings for the same city, such as Dallas and Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW)?
Some carriers list their cities differently than others. For liability reasons, we enter the deal exactly as we receive it rather than attempting to assume which airport the carrier is actually referring to. We do perform some consolidation, but we only match on exact city listings. For example, "New York, NY (LGA)", "New York, NY (JFK)", and "New York, NY" should all appear under a single "New York, NY" listing.

Why is the airline saying the deal I saw on DealWatch doesn't exist?
When inquiring about a deal you see featured here, make sure to let the reservation agent know that this is an internet special and give them any required promotion codes that are listed in the "more info" link associated with each deal. Another reason could be that all the seats have been filled, which often occurs due to the high demand for these deals. Remember, book early!

Why isn't my airport or hotel property listed?
We only report the deals that we receive from the various carriers and companies. We have no say in which cities are featured week to week. We've noticed though, that the airlines and hotel chains tend to rotate their city pairs/properties, so you may see the fare you're looking for next week.

I'm still having trouble using DealWatch.

Send an email to deals@webflyer.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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