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Ratings & Reviews

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Red Lion Hotels & Resorts R&R Club
Website Review


(0 ratings)

Rated: December 2013- Red Lion R&R Club updated its website this year adding visual interest with striking photos that fill the screen from side-to-side and quick links from the home page to learn more about the program. The former website was text heavy with very little to draw your interest so this is a major improvement. There is still a lot of text, and you have to scroll down the page to read it all, but at least now there are some photos to break up the gray.

The home page features a lengthy overview of the loyalty program, the option to sign in as a member with your email address and password and a Book Now section to go directly to a hotel booking.

Links including Earning Points & Miles, Meeting Planner Rewards, FAQ, Membership Deals, Terms & Conditions, Replacement Card, Missing Stay, Redeem Your Points and My Membership make it easy for R&R Club members to access any information they may need.

The FAQ section is another long block of text that you have to scroll down to find the Q&A you’re looking for—keeping with the website’s 1990s approach to displaying information.

At the bottom of every page are graphics to take you to other sections of the site such as information about the Member Advantage of 15 percent off for Red Lion members, quick links to Red Lion’s presence on Facebook and Twitter and a very helpful Click to Chat feature where you can chat real time with a Red Lion representative.

If you continue to scroll down, you’ll see further links including links to hotel information by state. When you click on a state name, you’ll have to click the state name again on the following page to access the information. California, for example, has nine Red Lion properties while New Mexico has only three. There is also a link to report missing stays through the site.

If you are new to Red Lion, and would like to sign up for the program, it would be easy to miss the very small Sign In / Sign Up link at the top of the page or the even smaller Sign Up Now link at the bottom of every page. But once you access the sign up page, the process is quick. You’ll be asked your email address, to choose a password and other information like if you’d prefer points or airline miles for your stays, Non-Smoking or Smoking rooms (oddly enough, “Smoking” is automatically selected). And you'll have to opt out if you do not want to receive emails with special offers.

Although the current version of the Red Lion R&R Club website is an improvement over the old site, with just a bit more effort, it could have been brought up to 2013 levels. An FAQ section with 16 questions and answers should not be presented as a laundry list.

Overall, though, the site is functional and provides all of the information and functionality a member of R&R Club would need.


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