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Ratings & Reviews

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Golden Tulip Flavours
Website Review


(0 ratings)

Rated: February 2013- When designing their website, Golden Tulip Flavours could have been inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's idea that, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." The Flavours home page has a few bullet points that describe different aspects of the program with a link to join Flavours and links to more information about earning and redeeming points. A main menu at the top of the page contains links to all the different aspects of the program. Images are kept to a minimum but you'll see pictures of Flavours hotels and people visiting Flavours destinations around the world.

Click Save points from the main menu to find out how to earn points. The earning rates are described in text and a chart displays the earn rates according to the type of currency spent (euro, U.S. dollar or U.K. pound) and elite level. There is also information about how to claim missing points by logging into your account and entering a "retro claim".

The menu on the left of this page, and any of the main pages reached through the links on the home page has further links to helpful information such as Home, Join Flavours, Participating brands, Saving points (what would normally be termed "earning" points), Redeeming points, Membership levels, Flavours Benefits, Special offers, Contact information, Help and Terms & Conditions. When you mouse over these section names, you are sometimes presented with a list of links to choose from for more information, such as the Redeeming points section, where from the drop down menu, you can choose hotel stays or frequent flyer miles, gifts and gift vouchers and more. The Help link offers a second Help, Contact us and FAQ. The Help link takes you to a page where you can request a forgotten username or password or a link to enroll in the Flavours program. Contact us includes a link to the FAQ, an email address for your Flavours enquiries as well as a link to make hotel reservations and for central reservations numbers. The site often allows several entries to the same information from the various pages so everything you might need is accessible from the page you're viewing. The FAQ page is laid out with bulleted questions that direct you to the answers below such as, "Where can I use my Flavours Membership Card?" and "What are ineligible rates & charges?"

If you are new to Flavours, you can join the program and include information such as Married/In partnership or the number of children you have under the age of 12, but these two options are not mandatory information to divulge when joining. What is mandatory includes your gender and "Where did you find us?" along with the usual name, address and email address. You can also opt in to receive marketing messages from Flavours and selected third parties. You will immediately receive an email with a temporary membership card to print out. To activate your membership, you must present the printed membership card at the front desk of your first stay to receive a permanent membership card and 500 bonus points. This site probably wouldn't win any design awards, but it is functional with complete information for members.


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