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Ratings & Reviews

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Loews Hotels YouFirst
Website Review


(0 ratings)

Rated: June 2010- The welcome page of Loews Hotels YouFirst is more of a whispered "welcome" instead of the grand "Welcome!" you've seen from some other Web sites. The color scheme is subdued and there are few graphics and photos, and absolutely nothing on the page is blinking or scrolling, or otherwise trying to get your attention.

The tone of the program is set early on including why the program is called YouFirst--"because at Loews Hotels it is indeed all about YOU FIRST." From free Internet to exclusive offers, members can "enjoy rewards that are more personal and meaningful to you."

When you sign up for YouFirst, you will have the option to answer several questions about your preferences, such as which complimentary newspaper you would prefer during your stay (choosing from the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal or a local newspaper, or no newspaper). You can also specify the bed type you prefer, your floor preference (low or high), smoking room preference, arrival time as well as which types of Loews programs you have an interest in such as business travel, resort vacations, golf getaways, travel with pets and other options. There is also an area where new members can type in other requests and a form where you can input your credit card information for quick reservations. After you've signed up for the program online, you can expect your membership and associated benefits to go into effect 72 hours after you enroll. Members can log in to their account online by using their email address and password. Once logged in, you can change your preferences and keep track of your status level.

Near the top of the YouFirst home page is a bar with typical loyalty program links such as Welcome, My Account, Benefits, Terms & Conditions, Partner Offers and Contact. The Benefits page features information about the different levels of membership and their related benefits: Member, Blue, Gold and Platinum. YouFirst is a guest recognition program where members receive benefits depending on their status level, but you do not earn points toward getting free stays or airline miles for stays. The highest status level, Platinum, is earned after 10 or more stays and comes with suite upgrades and a spa, golf or food & beverage credit valued at $100, among other benefits. The Terms & Conditions page is a straightforward affair of 13 items of information.

The Partners Offers page links to Fiji Water, Keurig Premium Coffee Systems, Fisher-Price toys, Lather bodycare products and Chadsworth & Haig luxury robes--all items that guests of Loews Hotels can experience during their stays. When we clicked the link for Fisher Price, which mentions an exclusive offer, we noticed that the discount offer was valid through Dec. 31, 2008. It looks like Loews needs to do some updating to their Web site.

The final tab on the bar links to Contact information for reservations and YouFirst Customer Service that you can either call or email.


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