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Ratings & Reviews

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Jet Airways JetPrivilege
Website Review


(0 ratings)

Rated: March 2014- When you mouse over the JetPrivilege tab at http://www.jetairways.com, you’re presented with 10 choices for further information. The About JetPrivilege tab features two choices: Benefits and Privileges and Freddie Awards. Because InsideFlyer is associated with the Freddie Awards, our first move was to check out the Freddie Awards page that features a chart and information, including, “JetPrivilege has won the Freddie Awards five times in a row in the Japan, Pacific, Asia and Australia region.” Last year, the JetPrivilege program won a Freddie Award for Best Promotion and Best Loyalty Credit Card. The program won a Freddie Award for Best Website in 2007.

The Benefits and Privileges page also features a chart for quick reference to five levels of membership: Blue, Blue Plus, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Along with information about the benefits offered according to each level, there is information listed for an award sale for JPMiles redeemed online—valid through Sept. 30, 2013. Considering that we are viewing the website in February 2014, this does not instill confidence that the website is updated on a regular basis. On this same page, however, there is a Read more about Member Benefits link to download a PDF membership guide, which seems to be updated with dates mentioned in 2014 and 2015.

You can join the program online and will be asked for full passport information including passport type, your full name, country and place of issue, place of birth and passport issue and expiry date. In other words, you’ll need to feel completely comfortable with Jet Airways’ ability to protect important personal data to become a member of JetPrivilege.

The site features three mileage calculators including one for Jet Airways flights, international airline partners and domestic airline partners and each calculator displays the miles earned and the miles needed to redeem for an award flight. And because the information is displayed in map form, it’s a quick way to also see where your miles can take you.

The Awards Flight Finder page features a quick way to see how far your miles will reach. You input your origin, the region you wish to fly to, the class you wish to fly in and the miles you wish to spend, along with the dates of travel. You’ll then be presented with your options. Our request for Delhi to North America in economy with 100,000 miles resulted in three choices of flights for 94,000 JPMiles to New York, Newark or Toronto. You would then need to log in to redeem the flight. If you don’t have enough miles for the flight you desire, you can purchase JPMiles.

Another link that’s important for JetPrivilege members is the JetPrivilege Promotions link where members can read about the current promotions (which are indeed current) including promotions for flights, car rental, hotels, publications, retail and telecommunications. The Service Centre link displays telephone numbers and an email address when you need to contact JetPrivilege.

Other than the hiccup of some outdated award sale information, the site is functional with some fun features for JetPrivilege members.



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