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Ratings & Reviews

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Hertz #1 Club
Website Review


(2 ratings)

Rated: June 2011- The Hertz #1 Club home page is straightforward, if also somewhat outdated. A horizontal box at the top of the page constantly rotates three images and while the images provide visual interest, they don't provide any additional information. Breaking up the space into three, non-moving images that are placed next to each other would be equally effective and not as distracting.

Underneath the box are brief descriptions of the Hertz #1 Club, Hertz #1 Club Gold, Hertz #1 Club Gold Five Star and Hertz #1 Club Gold President's Circle with links to learn more about each program. There are also links from the main page to join the free Hertz #1 Club or Hertz #1 Club Gold, which has a $60 annual fee.

Click learn more about any of the four programs and you can view additional information about what each level has to offer. The Hertz #1 Club offers faster reservations, discounted rates and free rental days. The page is organized by category with bullet points, but is otherwise unremarkable. To find out how to earn and redeem points for car rentals, you will need to click on the Hertz #1 Awards link listed under Earn Free Rental Days. Free rentals can be booked and redeemed online. At the bottom of the pages is a note indicating that only residents of the U.S., Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and certain U.S. territories are eligible to participate in the #1 Awards program.

The online enrollment form to join Hertz #1 Club is short and quick to complete. You can select to join Hertz #1 Awards and earn free rental days and you can also enter your frequent traveler account number to earn miles or points for rentals. Unless you opt out, you will automatically receive marketing offers from Hertz by post and by email. After registering, you can update your profile online and change your contact information, add or change your credit cards you'd like to use to pay for rentals and select the type of vehicle you prefer and whether you want to include optional services, such as insurance and additional coverage.

There is a chart that summarizes all of the benefits of each elite level and how to qualify that you can access by going to any of the elite pages and clicking the Summary of Benefits link. It would be helpful to have a link to the chart from the home page so site visitors can easily find an overview of all of the elite levels.

At the bottom of the page are many links, divided into categories, such as contact customer service, special offers and online check-in, among others. Basically, everything you might want to find is listed at the bottom, but the font is small and it may take a while to find what you're looking for.

Pages load quickly and all of the information you need is here, but the site could use a new look. Signing up for the Hertz #1 Club can save you some time when renting a car and joining is easy to accomplish, but the site doesn't look like it's been updated in many years and navigation could be improved.


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