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Ratings & Reviews

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National Car Rental Emerald Club
Website Review


(1 ratings)

Rated: July 2010- Members of National Car Rental Emerald Club can access the membership pages through a tab at the top right of the company's main Web site. Once on the Emerald Club page, you can enroll or log in to your account.

Online enrollment is only available to those who live in the U.S. or Canada. After accepting a lengthy agreement of the Emerald Club program rules and conditions, the next page asks for your name and driver's license number. This is a time-saving request because if you have rented from National before, most of the required information will automatically be filled out for your membership profile. If you have not rented from National before, you will be directed to a form to fill out. The form will help speed you through future car rentals so there are several decisions you will need to make such as deciding to accept or decline insurance coverage for renting in the U.S., Canada and Europe, choosing to prepay for your rental car fuel, whether or not you want a GPS and your car type preference (there are 29 types with "Midsize 2- or 4-door/Automatic/Air" automatically selected).

Frequent flyers should also input the frequent flyer number of your choice from 17 different programs. There's a warning that a "frequent traveler surcharge" might apply and by entering your membership number, you are agreeing to pay it. Further information about the charge can be found through a link and states that the charge is 75 cents a day for most loyalty programs.

Further information needed for enrollment includes providing your email address and your credit card number and billing address. Once you've made all the necessary entries, you will receive your Emerald Club number.

The site features information about the Emerald Club with much of it on one wordy page after clicking Emerald Club Benefits. Other links include Emerald Club Aisle Service, Emerald Reserve Service, Emerald Club Counter Service and How to Bypass Counter. That last link includes videos to help you know how to bypass counters and go directly to your car--you just pick your car (complete with the car keys) and drive to the checkout booth with your driver's license and Emerald Club card. Simple, but it's nice to have the video to make the process even easier to understand. There's also a video to explain the process for Emerald Club's Executive Selection for elite members.

The process to reserve cars is straightforward with a section for your Emerald Card number and member last name and it's a quick link to view, modify or cancel existing reservations. You can also search for National Car Rental locations by city or airport code. There's a page to view the different vehicle categories according to the country in which you'll be renting as well as a Special To Go page that lists all the special deals being offered. The travel partners section explains how many miles you'll earn per program and other information you might need to know about getting miles for your rentals.

Overall, the site is designed well, easy to navigate and contains all the information you'll need to get you to your rental car quickly to earn those miles.


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