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Ratings & Reviews

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Enterprise Enterprise Plus
Website Review


(0 ratings)

Rated: May 2013- Until last year, Enterprise Plus offered expedited rental pick-ups and returns, but members couldn’t earn free rental days. The program launched a points component on March 1, 2012, and visitors to the website can read a brief description of the points program on the Enterprise Plus home page. Members can earn points for qualifying rentals in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico and redeem points at locations in North America. At the bottom of the page is a box with rotating information about the program, with links to learn more about the program, how to transfer points, “like” Enterprise Plus on Facebook and sign up for email extras and exclusive offers.

Members can join the program or login to their account via the Member Login box. The online registration form is listed on one page. You will need to enter your driver’s license number to register and will automatically receive Enterprise offers sent to your email address unless you opt out. You can also choose to receive special offers from Enterprise partners. After logging in, members can access their account page to print rental receipts, update their personal information and preferences and add, remove or edit contacts.

The main menu is located on the left side of the home page and includes the following items: Overview, Rewards, Benefits, Promotions, FAQs and Terms & Conditions. Click Rewards for details about how many points you’ll earn per rental and how to redeem points. Normally, programs have a page that explains how to earn points and a separate page for how to redeem points. Because Enterprise Plus is a simple program without all of the partners normally involved with loyalty programs, members will find all of this information listed on one page. Awards start at 400 points but you will need to log in to your account and click Redeem Points to book an award reservation and view the exact number of points required for a free rental day. The Rewards page also clarifies the point expiration policy and explains that points don’t expire as long as you have at least one qualifying rental in a two-year period.

The Benefits page outlines the Enterprise Plus elite tiers including how to qualify and the benefits offered at each level. Click FAQ to view the answers to 20 commonly asked questions. The link to Terms & Conditions includes a more complete description of the program’s rules. At the top of the Terms & Conditions page is a summary of key points for those who don’t want to read the fine print, although we always recommend members read the nitty gritty details of their loyalty programs. One of the key points mentioned in a footnote on the Rewards page is that points are not earned on fuel, taxes, surcharges and nonqualifying rentals. If you ignored the footnote, you will see that detail displayed more prominently here.

Enterprise Plus is a small program with no partners and its website is similarly compact and to the point. Although all of the earn and burn information fits on one page, we would have liked to see it separated out into earning and awards pages.



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