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Ratings & Reviews

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China Eastern Airlines Eastern Miles
Website Review


(0 ratings)

Rated: March 2009- If there was only one term to describe China Eastern's Eastern Miles site, it would be a toss-up between outdated and disorganized. However, along with the low-pixel count graphics and cluttered pages there is information for the frequent flyer, so the site does have something to offer. It just might take some time to glean the information.

The layout of Eastern Miles' home page is fairly standard, with a menu bar on the top of the page, a login/register box on the left and a few promotions scattered at the bottom. In addition, there is a Partner Express Channels area below the login, which is a slightly confusing title, because the links listed here aren't necessarily about partner specific functions, like Flight Awards Calculation, Account Balance and Mileage Retro Claim. However, below these options are links to all Eastern Miles partner categories, such as Airlines, Dining, Car Rental and a few others, accompanied by poor quality, but expressive thumbnail pictures. Clicking one of these will take you to a corresponding partner page with earning and redeeming charts as well as any promotions currently running with that partner. Eastern Miles has many partners and the site lists them all. You can also book hotel stays.

There is quite a lot of information here for members and the online capability to claim missing points, calculate the amount of points you'll need for award redemption and donate your points, is a plus for members--even if the process is less than easy. There is also comprehensive information for elite members listing how to earn VIP membership along with what you'll receive with your membership. You can also contact Eastern Miles through the site if you are logged in as a member.

The registration process is straightforward, asking for a name, password and birthday, but you must also input either an ID Card number, a Military ID number, a Passport number or a Hong Kong Macau Admission Permit number. This is not particularly unusual for programs to ask this type of important personal information, but it always makes us hope that the program asking for it has a good way to protect the information.

One pleasant surprise is the ability to access a 13-page online quarterly newsletter with news and promotions, which can be accessed in PDF format or standard HTML format. The layout is similar to a print newsletter, with front and back covers and a table of contents and there are Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring editions that come out each year. Although the newsletter also has an outdated feel to it, members will surely appreciate Eastern Miles' extra effort to keep them informed throughout the year.

Overall, it's safe to say Eastern Miles is one the worst Web sites we've reviewed recently, with confusing menu bars/boxes, a bothersome registration process, frequent misspellings and low-quality pictures. But having said all of that, if you have the time to muddle through it all you will find a wealth of information.


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