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Ratings & Reviews

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Rewards Network
Website Review


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Rated: March 2014- Rewards Network partners with several airline, hotel and other loyalty programs to offer a dining program in which to earn miles or points. The Rewards Network website offers information about how the programs work along with links to partner loyalty programs. The website at http://www.rewardnetwork.com states that there are currently over 3.4 million active members.

Members of the following frequent flyer programs can earn points through Rewards Network dining: Alaska Mileage Plan, American AAdvantage, Delta SkyMiles, Spirit Airlines FREE SPIRIT, United MileagePlus and US Airways Dividend miles (soon to be merged with American Airlines AAdvantage). And members of the following hotel programs can earn points through Rewards Network dining: Hilton HHonors and IHG Rewards Club.

Other loyalty programs associated with Rewards Network include My Best Buy, Club O Rewards, eScrip, Fuel Rewards Network, goodsearch, American Express iDine and Upromise. There is also a corporate Rewards Network dining program.

The home page features logos with links to all the partners where you can then join the program and learn more about what the program offers. For example, when you click the Alaska Mileage Plan logo, you’ll learn that members of Mileage Plan Dining can earn up to five Mileage Plan miles for each dollar you spend. A further link will take you directly to the Mileage Plan Dining page where you can sign up for the program and learn more about the membership levels: Member, Online Member and VIP Member. A Member earns only one mile for every $2 spent. The difference between a Member and an Online Member is that the Online Member has selected to receive emails by providing a valid, deliverable email address. An Online Member will earn three miles per dollar spent when dining.

A VIP Member is one who has had 12 or more qualified transactions in a calendar year. Online and VIP Members receive additional bonus offers and VIP Members also receive exclusive VIP offers. All of the other frequent flyer programs mirror the offer of Alaska Mileage Plan. The exception is Southwest Rapid Rewards, which is a revenue, points-based frequent flyer program that offers three points per dollar spent and an extra 10 points for completing reviews within 30 days of dining. There are also other earning thresholds to earn more Rapid Rewards points when dining.

Hilton HHonors and IHG Rewards offer two to eight points when dining. The American Express iDine program offers 5 to 15 percent back in the form of an American Express Reward card that can be used anywhere American Express cards are accepted.

When considering joining a Rewards Network dining program, you do not have to limit yourself to earning miles or points with just one program. Each program requires members to assign a credit card in which to earn the currency you desire (such as assigning a Citi AAdvantage credit card to the AAdvantage Dining Program) but you can choose to earn in several dining programs as long as you have a credit card assigned to that program. You can register up to five cards for each dining program but a registered card may relate to only one program.



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