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Ratings & Reviews

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Wyndham Rewards
Website Review


(5 ratings)

Rated: May 2011- The Wyndham Rewards website uses blue and grey as the predominate color scheme, which are the same colors as the Wyndham logo. There is a lot of information on the home page but it's organized in orderly boxes and isn't overwhelming. A main box contains information on current promotions with images and deals that rotate every few seconds. If you want to learn more about the offer on display, you can click a Learn more link, or find the offer located in smaller boxes below. You'll also find a link to sign-up to receive emails about special offers and promotions and keep informed about the program.

The site is available to members of five regions: U.S./Canada, U.K., Ireland, Germany and China. Site visitors can log in to their account or join Wyndham Rewards via a prominent sign-in area in the upper right of the screen. You'll also find links to Member Services and Promotions located above the fields where you enter your username and password. The Promotions link is small and tucked away up in the corner. Because promotions are an important part of any loyalty program, we'd like it if a link to promotions was placed on the main menu.

The main navigation menu contains links to five sections of the website: About W|R, Join, Earn, Redeem and Book. Members looking to book a paid or award night can also search for hotels by entering their travel destination and dates in a search engine located to the right on the home page. When searching for awards, members can refine their search by requesting only award nights available at a certain level, which is helpful if you have a limited number of points and are only looking for hotels at a particular level.

To find out all the different ways to earn points, click Earn on the main menu. Most of Wyndham Rewards partners are listed by category on one page. Members can find additional partners and view all of the program's airline and rail partners by clicking partner links located in the menu on the left. The Wyndham Rewards Visa Card is highlighted as a featured participant at the top of the page and special earning offers are available via a link at the bottom of the page.

Click Redeem and you can learn about all the different ways to redeem points. Hotel Rewards are divided into four separate award categories: U.S. & Canada Hotel Rewards, International Hotel Rewards, Wyndham Hotel Rewards and Sol Melia Hotel Rewards. To redeem points for gift cards, merchandise and other types of awards, you will be directed to the Wyndham Rewards Marketplace where you can search for awards by point range, keyword or category. All awards can be redeemed online.

Located under Member Services, you'll find the Member Guide and FAQ list, which answers over 25 commonly asked questions, such as, "How do I redeem my points for rewards?" The downloadable member guide is available in pdf form and provides an overview of the program. A link to the Terms & Conditions can also be found under Members Services or via a link at the very bottom of the page.

Navigating through the Wydham Rewards site is intuitive and the fact that all awards can be redeemed online is a plus. The site is functional and has a clean look and information is well organized.


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