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Ratings & Reviews

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Gate Guru
Website Review


(0 ratings)

Rated: September 2013- Available for iPhone and Android devices, GateGuru will keep track of your flight itineraries and inform you of any delays or gate changes as well as provide airport information. Enter your flight itinerary to track your upcoming flights. GateGuru will automatically display the airports you’ll be traveling through and you can click the airport name to view airport information, including local weather, shops, eateries and services, along with the locations and whether they are located in a pre-security area. You can also view reviews and a star rating for eateries and read reviews written by other app users.

Each airport also has a tip section where you can read tips written by other users or submit your own tips, such as where you can find security lines that typically have fewer people or where you can find a smoking lounge.

The app also includes maps where you can view a layout of the airport. Larger airports with several concourses will have a separate map for each concourse that shows where the food courts and gates are located. The map shows general information such as where parking, concourses, baggage claim and security are located, but it won’t give more detailed information about where specific shops or restaurants can be found.

Another useful feature of the app is being able to view airport flight boards, which was added to the latest 4.3 version of the app. GateGuru users can access a list of scheduled departing and arriving flights at thousands of airports worldwide and see real-time flight status, gate information and whether flights are delayed or on time. Customers who rated the app say they like this feature but one user said that the app is a “little slow” when there are changes so it’s best to double-check at the airport instead of relying solely on the app for flight updates.

The app will also store your past trips and you can view information for airports worldwide, regardless of whether they are part of your current or past itineraries.

For your upcoming flights, you can view the aircraft type, flight duration, scheduled and estimated times for gate departure, takeoff, landing and gate arrival. You can also share the latest flight status and details with others via email or text and specify whether you’d like to share only departure changes or only arrival changes.

GateGuru also partners with Avis and you can search for different car types and reserve a car at the last minute at discounted rates with the app. The app defaults to you renting the car upon arrival but you can change the pickup and drop off dates and times.

While some of the information provided by GateGuru can be found using the airline’s individual apps, the GateGuru app can help travelers navigate unfamiliar airports and easily find places to eat or drink, which is especially useful if you have a long layover and want to view all of your options.


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