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Ratings & Reviews

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AeroMexico Club Premier
Website Review


(3 ratings)

Rated: August 2011- The Club Premier website home page is not an exciting web experience. The color scheme includes two different shades of deep blue with a few touches of red. There are no photos, only graphics that look like clip art.
The left side of the page is dominated by a flight search section but you cannot book award flights with your miles through the website.

If you are new to the program and wish to enroll, you might have to hunt a bit, but will find a Club Premier Enrollment link under the flight search on the left. Along with basic information including your birth date, you'll also be asked your marital status and can choose to receive Club Premier emails with news and special offers. You will then have to wait 72 hours to receive an email with your membership number. Most programs instantly assign a number when you enroll.

At the top of the page, icons illustrate the various links to more information including About Club Premier, Earn Miles, Rewards, Special Offers and Club Premier Balance.

Probably the most helpful link for members is the About Club Premier link which will take you to information that is set off with a new group of icons about the various membership levels, special programs like the family program, benefits of membership and news from the program.

The Earn Miles link has further links to additional categories such as Aeromexico Visa, Hotels, Rental Car Companies and Other Services. Most programs list this information through a Partners link and a direct link from the home page to partner information would be useful for members.

The Rewards page features flight and upgrade award schedules but the award chart only applies to Aeromexico flights and you will need to call the service center to find out how many miles you'll need for partner flights on SkyTeam airlines. The Special Offers link opens a page with further links to hotels and other promotions and not all of the special promotions are related to the frequent flyer program.

Members can check their account balances by entering their membership number. You'll be able to see your current tier, mileage balance and last transactions. If you leave that page, however, to access other areas of the site, you will have to re-enter your membership number to see the balance again.

At the bottom of the page, there is a link to terms and conditions but this is of little help to Club Premier members because it is the terms and conditions for the airline, and not the frequent flyer program.

If you have any questions not covered in the pages we've mentioned, you can download a PDF User Guide. There is no frequently asked questions section on the website, but you will find a customer care phone number featured on several pages to call with questions. And considering the quality of the website, a phone call is probably best.



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