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Ratings & Reviews

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British Airways Executive Club
Website Review


(15 ratings)

Rated: October 2013- The British Airways app, available free, allows travelers to book flights directly from their smartphone, display their boarding pass on their smartphone for many, but not all routes, and also have instant access to live information about their next flight.

When booking flights through the app, you can search by month for the cheapest airfares for all destinations. And if you would like inspiration on where to go, you’ll be able to view a list of the top destinations with the cheapest roundtrip airfares from London searchable by economy, premium economy, business/club and first class fares.

Flight information includes mobile check-in and live departure times and gate numbers (from Heathrow Terminal 5). Users report that flight changes sometimes show up on their app before the same change shows up on the displays at the airport.

You’ll be able to access your boarding pass with one tap when you’ve downloaded and added it to Passbook to view it offline. For now, only the user will have access to their mobile boarding pass, others in the same reservation will have to resort to printing out their boarding passes.

You can access and purchase upgrades from your phone as well as book seats in advance. You can search all British Airways flights for the latest arrival and departure times for the next eight days. The app can display the nearest airports when you are searching for flights or viewing flight arrival and departure times. The airports displayed are only those from which you might be able to fly on British Airways or one of their partners. You can also request to track certain flights. An extensive list of airport terminal maps may be downloaded, which is a handy feature.

Executive Club members can check their Avios balance, tier points and their full transaction history through the app. And if you are a Silver or Gold member, you’ll be able to view the British Airways lounge WiFi password. Oneworld Emerald members also receive access to BA lounges, but the app does not display the WiFi password for them.

Exclusive access to special offers and promotions is featured for Executive Club members using the app and you can view your current and upcoming flights on the app. If you are not an Executive Club member, you can only view one flight at at time.

There is an FAQ for users of the app as well as a What’s New section and a click-to-call contact list. You can also access Twitter, Facebook and the YouTube British Airways video channel.

British Airways says that many more features for the app are coming soon. More than one user in the review section says that British Airways would do well to emulate fellow oneworld member, American Airlines, when it comes to the app. One reviewer stated, “Maybe BA should learn from their buddies at American how to make a modern looking app!” The BA app is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows phones.
British Airways also offers a free Perfect Days app that helps you plan your trip, write about your day as you experience it and share your day on Facebook.



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