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Ratings & Reviews

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EVA Air Infinity MileageLands
Website Review


(6 ratings)

Rated: April 2011- Visitors to the Eva Air Evergreen Club pages of the Eva Air website will find a simple design with very few graphics and a white, green and red color scheme that reflects the colors of Eva Air. Instead of an introduction to the program on the main Evergreen Club page, you will find the latest news about the program with one or more links to additional information. The recent news warning members that unused miles earned in 2006 will expire on June 30, 2011 is listed at the top.

The main navigation menu is listed on the left side of the page and members can choose from nine menu topics: Join the Club, Mileage Rules, Reward Program, Log In, Partners, Club Info (the default home page), Service Center, FAQ and Downloads. Some of the menu topics have subheads that will be revealed when you mouseover the main topic, allowing you to go directly to a specific section. For example, mouseover Mileage Rules and youíll see links to Mileage Kind, Mileage Validity and Mileage Correction. Some of the word choices used on the website arenít entirely clear. Mileage Kind refers to flight miles that are elite-qualifying and bonus miles are those miles that are earned through travel partners and can be redeemed for awards but donít count for elite status. Click Mileage Correction to find out how to ensure your miles post correctly and what to do if they donít.

Information about redeeming miles for awards is located under Reward Program. Members can redeem miles for flights online, except for open jaw and stopover awards that require a call to the service center. Members must log in to their account to search for flight awards. Magazine and newspaper awards and hotel award vouchers can all be redeemed online. Diamond and Gold elite members have the exclusive option to redeem miles for an Eva Air Flight Simulator Experience, which must be requested via fax.

Evergreen Club members can find all the ways to earn miles for non-flight and partner flight activity under Partners. Partners are listed all on one page and divided into categories: airlines, hotels, car rentals and credit cards with links to the different types of partners listed at the top of the page.

The FAQ list contains answers to 19 questions divided into five categories. The questions are all listed at the top of the page and when you click on a question, you will be taken to the bottom of the page where the questions and answers are listed together. The Terms and Conditions are listed under Join the Club. Compared to some programs, the Terms and Conditions are surprisingly short and concise and even though they are not organized into categories, members can quickly browse through the one-page document to find the information they are looking for.

Evergreen Club has created a simple website that is functional and useful. It doesnít have any bells and whistles and looks a little outdated, but it works and navigation is easy.



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