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Ratings & Reviews

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Kingfisher Airlines King Club
Website Review


(1 ratings)

Rated: December 2009- The welcome screen of Kingfisher Airlines King Club's Web site is fairly simple with a basic red and white color scheme but it has some distracting elements. There are boxes with moving images and words that appear and disappear to attract your attention towards promotions and partnerships. Site navigation is achieved through a rather understated red menu on the right side of the screen.

Visitors to the site can choose from 14 menu topics. Click Join King Club to enroll and earn 250 points as an online enrollment bonus. Registration is quick and you will automatically receive communication and email offers from Kingfisher Airlines and King Club, King Club partners and SMS alerts unless you un-check the pre-selected boxes.

King Club partners with many different types of partners and you can find them all via the Partners link. Partners are organized by type and a graphic image visually describes each type of partner, along with a verbal description. Click a partner type such as Credit Card Partners, and a dropdown menu will appear where you can click for information for an individual partner.

Click Promotions to view all of the current offers to earn bonus miles. All promotions are listed on one page and you can click the "know more" icon beneath each offer for details.

The FAQ list is very thorough and addresses even very basic questions, such as "What is a Frequent Flyer program?" Questions are organized into topics and the FAQ includes King Club Member Assistance as a topic if you still have a burning question and need to call, email or write a letter to King Club. You can also find this information under Contact Us on the main menu.

Members can redeem miles and book award flights on Kingfisher Airlines online or by downloading a redemption form and faxing it to the service center. Awards on partner airlines and mileage upgrades can only be booked via this form. Missing miles on Kingfisher Airlines can be requested online. Members will need to contact the service center to request missing miles from partners.

King Club has a mileage chart that displays the number of miles you will earn for each Kingfisher Airlines flight and the miles needed for an award on the same route, but it is only available as a downloadable PDF. You can use online mileage calculators that will calculate your miles earned and miles needed for redemption on specific routes. While the PDF is fine if you are planning on printing out the mileage chart, we prefer being able to access this information directly on the Web site. An award chart for partner airlines is available online.

While navigation through King Club's site is quick and easily managed through the menu on the right, the site could use additional functionality, such as being able to redeem miles for upgrade awards and partner airlines online. When searching for Kingfisher Airlines flight awards online, members can only search one day at a time. An online award calendar would also be a useful addition to the site.


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