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Ratings & Reviews

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Choice Hotels Choice Privileges
Website Review


(0 ratings)

Rated: March 2011- The Choice Privileges home page has absolutely no flashing or rotating graphics but that's not to say it's boring. The look is distinctly "Choice" with the same color theme throughout the site. The Choice Privileges home page is dominated by overlapping photos, a large logo and a quick link to "Join now." If you are already a member, the Sign in link is a much smaller affair at the top of the page. When you sign in as a member, just below the central graphics we mentioned above, you'll find a My Status Bar displaying your progress toward elite status as well as other account information.

Just below this section, you have the choice to click links under either Earn Points or Rewards. The Earn Points section mentions that you can earn points at over 5,500 locations worldwide. Some of the links you can choose include, Stays at Choice Hotels, Shopping, Memberships, Airline Rewards, Refer-a-Friend, Buy Points, Exchange Points, Shop Our Online Mall and more.

When you click on Memberships, for example, you learn that you can earn points when joining Netflix, LifeLock, e-Rewards and American Cellars Wine Club.

Under Rewards, you'll find links such as Free Nights at more than 6,000 Choice Privileges locations, Free nights at luxury hotels and resorts, Airline Rewards, Gift cards, Dining Rewards, Sport and Entertainment Rewards, Music downloads and more. At a glance, new members can see there is a wide array of award options available.

To the left of the page is a listing of several links helpful for Choice Privileges members that appear on most pages you might visit such as My Account Home, View/Edit Profile, Stay Activity, Buy Points, Redeem Points, Elite Membership Levels, News and Updates, New Hotel Openings, Rules and Regulations, Choice Privileges Contacts, FAQs, Report Missing Stay and finally, Choice Privileges Home, in case you want a quick route back to your starting point. The FAQs page is divided into several topics with one being Choice Privileges, and you can further expand the listing under Choice Privileges to quickly access the area where you think you'll find the answer to your question. With this page layout, it makes it quick and easy for members to find the answers they need without having to scroll through lots of text. Members can also type in their question in a text box. We asked, "Do points expire?" and immediately received the correct answer (... points expire Dec. 31, two years after the year in which they were deposited ...).

As with most loyalty program websites, there are also small links at the top of every page that will help direct you where you want to go, including links to My Reservations, Choice Privileges and more.

At the bottom of the home page, you'll find information about current bonus offers. We found the Choice Privileges website to be extremely easy to use and at no time did we feel like we were not able to access the information we needed. And here's a tip: If you're new to Choice Hotels, it's especially helpful to mouse over the logos to the various Choice brands displayed at the top of the home page--you'll be presented with a quick overview of each hotel brand.



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