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Ratings & Reviews

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Diners Club Club Rewards
Website Review


(9 ratings)

Rated: February 2010- While you can't currently apply for a personal Diners Club card in the U.S., existing cardholders and corporate customers can visit the Diners Club Web site to access their online accounts and redeem points. The Web site is simple with few graphics or tools and the design looks like it hasn't changed much over the years. As one member put it, "The general feeling [is] that a 12-year-old designed the Web site."

At the top of the screen are tabs to information about the Club Rewards program and credit cards along with a link to customer service. Some Web sites make you search for contact information so having this information readily available on the home page is helpful if your primary reason for visiting the site is to find out how to call Diners Club. You can also send a comment or suggestion via an email form.

Click Corporate Products to learn about the cards available for members of organizations that have an established Diners Club program.

There is a very lengthy FAQ that has answers to over 100 questions. Chances are, if you have a question you will be able to find the answer in the FAQ list--the problem is finding the right question and answer. While the list is divided into sections, the sections aren't in any specific order and there isn't any way to sort through the list. All you can do is scroll down the screen until you eventually find what you are looking for. The Web site also has a search field that will search the entire site after you enter a specific term.

The Professional Cards link will take you to everything you need to know about the Carte Blanche and Diners Club Charge Cards. What you won't find, however, is a link to apply or any information that indicates Diners Club is not accepting applications for personal cards. We called customer service who told us Diners Club has not been accepting applications for professional cards for over a year. The Web site needs to be updated to include this information.

The most important part of the site for current cardmembers is the online catalog and account management, where you can view your most recent statement and point balance.

The online catalog is slow to load but has a well-organized menu on the left side of the screen with categories and sub-categories to help you find the award you want. You can also view special time-limited awards, such as a Garmin Nuvi 1200 GPS for 25,000 points. We think there must have been a mistake with the $10 iTunes gift card, which is listed as a limited-time offer for 69,000 points. You can also search the online catalog by brand or item number, category and point range.

While the Diners Club Web site is functional and has most of the information members need, finding that information can be a bit of a challenge. As the benefits of Diners Club have eroded over the years, the Web site has also languished and hasn't been revamped to keep up with the innovations in Web design. Now that Bank of Montreal has purchased Diners Club from Citibank, we hope the new owners will invest some time and money into updating the Web site, in addition to allowing prospective cardholders to join the program.



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