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Ratings & Reviews

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AirTran A+ Rewards
Website Review


(1 ratings)

Rated: December 2012- AirTran Airways A+ Rewards is a relatively small program compared to most. AirTran was acquired by Southwest Airlines in May 2011, but the airline and its frequent flyer program continue to operate separately.

AirTran A+Rewards doesn't have a long list of partners and includes information about its featured program, Hertz, on the main page. Additional partners are listed on a single page and can be found by clicking the rewards partners link.

There are no award charts since A+ Rewards operates on a credit system. Members earn one credit per one-way flight on AirTran and can redeem eight credits for a one-way coach flight anywhere AirTran flies, which is similar to the old Southwest Rapid Rewards program. Information about all of the earning and redeeming rates can be found by clicking the how to earn & redeem credits link. Links to buy, transfer, extend or convert A+ credits to Southwest Rapid Rewards are located on one page. There is a short description that includes the cost for each activity so you don't need to click through to see how much it will cost you.

There is only one elite level and all of the information about earning elite and elite benefits is located on one page. A bulleted list outlines all of the benefits with the fine print located at the bottom of the page. Elite members receive complimentary business class upgrades from all fares 40 minutes prior to departure but an asterisk directs you to the bottom of the page where you can find additional details, including the fact that upgrades are not guaranteed and assigned according to when elite members checked in for their flight. While many people will read the fine print, we think this information is important enough to be included in the description of benefits so elite members know that they need to check in as early as possible to increase their chances of being upgraded to a roomier seat.

There is a page dedicated to special offers which is helpful if you want to see all of the bonus opportunities listed in one place. The FAQ list answers to over 25 commonly asked questions but each question has a link you have to click to read the answer. The answer is listed on another page and you need to click the Back to FAQ Index link or the link to the Next FAQ. You can't view all of the questions and answers on one page. The terms and conditions are available on one page so it may be quicker to visit the terms and conditions to find answers to your questions.

Members can join the program online and search for award flights after logging in to their account. When searching for award flights, the award calendar will display availability for coach or business class seats over a period of three weeks.

The AirTran A+ Rewards website is straightforward and information is easy to find. We'd like it if members could search for award tickets without first logging in to their accounts.



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