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Ratings & Reviews

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Hyatt Gold Passport
Website Review


(8 ratings)

Rated: July 2013- Information about Hyatt Gold Passport can be easily found at hyatt.com but the program does not have its own dedicated website. There is a main menu at the top of the Hyatt Gold Passport page that will direct you to other Hyatt pages, such as Reservations, Hotels & Resorts and Special Offers, but links to information about the loyalty program are centrally located on the page. There are four main sections with links to more specific Gold Passport topics within each section. The sections are: My Account, Member Benefits, Earning Options and Redeeming Points. There is also a link to the Hyatt Gold Passport Exclusives section at the bottom of the page where you can find special offers for members.

To learn about earning points for hotel stays, click Earn Points in the Earning Options section. The earning rates for elite and non-elite members are mentioned in a couple of explanatory paragraphs. You’ll also find a menu to the left with links to other Earning Options, such as how to earn miles for stays. You’ll have to click the Back to Hyatt Gold Passport link to return to the main page.

Click Redemption Options to find the free night award chart and an awards calculator where you can enter a destination, award type and number of nights to see how many points you’ll need for an award stay.

A link to the Hyatt Gold Passport terms and conditions is featured on the main page. There is both an online or printable version if you’d like a hard copy. The online version is organized into 18 separate topics and there are separate terms and conditions for Hyatt, Hyatt Place and Hyatt House.

You can join Gold Passport by completing an online registration form. After logging in as a member, you can update your personal information and add or change your preferences, including your communication preferences, travel interests and preferred destinations and hotels, room preferences and payment method. Members can also request past stay credits online. For restaurant or spa credit, you will need to contact the participating restaurant or spa directly. Members can view their upcoming reservations and see how many points and elite-qualifying nights and stays have posted to their account.
To contact the service center via email, members can fill out an online form with their name, address, email and phone number. As a new member, you will automatically be signed up to receive emails and postal mail from Hyatt Gold Passport and news and special offers from all of the Hyatt family of brands. Be sure to read through all of the subscriptions and opt out of any you would not like to receive.

Without a main menu bar specifically for Hyatt Gold Passport, you’ll always have to go back to the main Hyatt Gold Passport page to go to another section. Navigation would be easier if the program had a dedicated website with its own menu.



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