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Ratings & Reviews

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Japan Airlines (JAL) Mileage Bank
Website Review


(5 ratings)

Rated: November 2008- Logos, graphics, colors and promotions are scattered all over JAL's Mileage Bank site, possibly making a first time visitor rather confused. Although the site has just about every tidbit of information a JAL frequent flyer would ever need, you will need lots of time to muddle through it all to find what you you're looking for.

A good portion of the information and links are crammed into the left hand side of the page. The good news is that most of the jumble is promotion related; the rest is recent news, campaign information, calls for enrollment and information tabs, including How JMB Works, Accumulating Mileage, Redeeming Mileage, For Our Most Frequent Flyers and JAL Family Club. First time users will mostly be focused on a description of the program and the accumulation/redemption rates and JAL has done a good job listing this information within the information tabs.

If you click How JMB Works, you're taken to a page with a comprehensive rundown of the benefits of the program, program partners and the different types of memberships. Although a good overview of the program, it lacks the hard numbers as far as earning and redeeming miles goes, which may confuse prospective members if they don't see the Accumulating and Redeeming Mileage tabs.
Within the Accumulating Mileage tab, each airline earning partner is listed by logo. Clicking one of them will reveal a graph with the accumulation rates for the corresponding airline. The Redeeming Mileage tab is somewhat similar, except the redemption rates are categorized by airline tickets, JAL Coupons, hotel awards, upgrade awards, limousine awards and JALPAK International Gift Certificate awards.

If you're already a member of JAL Mileage Bank, and you don't need to study the ins and outs of the program, a log in section is available at the top of the home page of the site to get you to your mileage account. The username is your JAL Mileage Bank membership number and the password is the six-digit PIN that you created at the time of enrollment. Once you've logged in, a quick summary of your mileage balance and number of flights is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the page. You can also click the Details link and view your month-by-month mileage and flight activity. Scrolling down the page a bit will allow you to choose between the various redemption methods and you can redeem your miles.

The For Our Most Frequent Flyer page displays information about the different elite levels of the program, but you will have to click through to another page to get the full information about each level.

Overall, JAL's Mileage Bank site is cluttered, takes too many clicks to get where you want to go, and could use an update. Although they have done a great job to include most if not all of the program information you need, the content within each tab is too wordy and the cluttered flow of the pages makes reading through the information a chore.



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