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Ratings & Reviews

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Air Jamaica Seventh Heaven
Website Review


(8 ratings)

Rated: November 2005- These days, most folks head to Jamaica to escape high technology. For better or for worse, that's also what you'll do when you visit Air Jamaica's Web site.

You simply won't find much in terms of online innovation here. Then again, there's a simplicity to the site that is almost refreshing.

The 7th Heaven section of the Air Jamaica Web site is uncomplicated and relatively easy to navigate. A click on the "Welcome" icon will give you a run down on what you can expect as a member of the program. And once in the "Welcome" section, members can sign up for Special Promotion notifications. At this time, notifications are limited to air and hotel specials, but we would expect to see 7th Heaven promotions listed here also once they materialize.

Near the bottom of the "Welcome" page you will find a link to the 7th Heaven program's terms and conditions. While many programs list terms and conditions online, few make them as easy to find and understand as 7th Heaven has done. With every facet of the program covered, the 7th Heaven terms and conditions could practically double as an FAQ.

The "Program" section consists of some concise, easy-to-decipher, graphs displaying information on the earning and redeeming of credits. And, just in case you missed the terms and conditions link in the "Welcome" section, the ever-thoughtful Web team at Air Jamaica has placed another link to them in this section. Smart move. When you have information this good, you want to make it easy for visitors to find.

The "Partners" section includes all you need to know about earning credits with partners, both in the air and on the ground. This section also includes any partner offers or discounts. The promotions for Air Jamaica can be found in the "Member Info" section. Elite-level member information can also be found in this section under the Chairman's Club category.

The "Apply Now" link rounds out the top-level sections. Interested flyers can fill out the form online and a membership number is then sent by email. You are not actually a full-fledged member, however, until you complete two trips. Once you have qualified in this way, Air Jamaica will send you your 7th Heaven membership card.

Though we were generally impressed with the quality of information contained in the 7th Heaven Web site, as well as the ease of navigation, we were disappointed at the lack of some interactive fundamentals. In this day and age, it is hard to imagine why any frequent flyer program would elect not to allow its member to check their credit balance online. And 7th Heaven members who want to view their past activity or book awards online are simply out of luck.

But it's difficult to begrudge such a festively adorned site. So rather than focus on the negative, we suggest you flip on your shades and enjoy the amenities that the 7th Heaven Web site has to offer.



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