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Ratings & Reviews

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Korean Airlines Skypass
Website Review


(7 ratings)

Rated: April 2009- At first look the Korean Air Skypass Web site looks like a blast from the past. However, with a closer look you'll find it does have a few bells and whistles. Once you click through to the Skypass landing page from the Korean Air home page, you will be greeted with an easy-to-navigate format.

There are seven links, which can also be found in a menu bar at the top of the page, each with a description of the link and a photograph. The links Enroll Online, My Skypass, Award Booking, Club Benefits, Earn Miles, Redeem Miles, Forms and News and Offers feature a helpful description below each one. One odd aspect of these links is that if you click directly on one of the titles, Enroll Online, for example, you will not be directed to that page--you must click the photograph or text description to open the page you want. The Club Benefits page looks a bit low on information, but if you look to the left you'll find other links to guide you through more thorough information. The same holds true for the Earn Miles information--you must click through two different links after you are on the Earn Miles page to get full information about how much you can earn when flying partner airlines--a more direct route would be preferable.

The enrollment process is standard and quick except for a couple of requirements not always asked when joining a frequent flyer program, such as date of birth and nationality. You might be thrown off a bit by the request for you to submit a "Member ID"--this will not be your membership number, it is the equivalent of a user name.

Clicking My Skypass will access the account information most Skypass members will appreciate. If you click Miles Accrued, you will see the miles that you have earned with Korean, a Skypass partner or by another earning method. The My Page section of the site has similar information, plus some standard profile data, which you can opt to change at any time.

Some notable features on the site are a one-click chat service and a section where you can download all of the program's administrative forms. The one-click chat service is available from 9am to 5pm PST but was experiencing technical difficulties on the day we visited.

The Forms section is convenient because it includes all the printable forms that a member may need in one place on the site, although the most requested form, retroactive mileage credit, is available online as well without having to print it.

Of special interest to members of Skypass is the News & Offers page where members can read about all the latest news and promotions such as the new option to request flight upgrades online and full information about the program that offers bonus miles for referring friends to Skypass Visa.

Overall, Skypass is keeping up with its SkyTeam partners creating a functional and informational Web site. Although the navigation is convoluted at times, the site is fast loading and the ability to chat with a customer representative (when not experiencing technical difficulties) make this site worthwhile.



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