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Ratings & Reviews

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LAN Airlines LanPass
Website Review


(1 ratings)

Rated: August 2012- The first thing you'll notice when visiting the LANPASS web page is the section in the middle with images and promotions that rotate every few seconds. One of the promotions highlights the Marriott MegaMiles promotion and the other three feature different aspects of the LANPASS co-branded Visa credit card.

To the left of the page is an online booking tool where you can search for paid flights and redeem your LANPASS kilometers for award flights. To search for award flights, you will need to enter your username and password so only registered members of the program can search for awards. You can only search for award flights one day at a time. There are arrows that will let you scroll to to the next day or previous day but there is no award calendar that will display a month's worth of award availability. While you can book award tickets online for partner flights, you may need to do some research beforehand. When we were looking to see if we could book a flight from Los Angeles to San Diego, it looked like flights were available but then we received the error: "One or more LAN flights to or from associated Airlines do not have space in the price category. Please, try another dates." The tool also only pulled up flights on partner Alaska Airlines when oneworld partner American also flies between those two cities. It's probably better just to call the service center than try to search online for partner flights.

The online registration form is short and does not require a mailing address. The only contact information required is a phone number and email address. You will, however, need to enter and remember two passwords, one of which will be used to log on to the website and the other is a four-digit PIN that you will need when calling the service center. When registering, you can also select your preferred language (Spanish, English, Portuguese, German or French) and whether you'd like to receive email about LAN and LANPASS promotions.

There are many menus on the LANPASS page to help you navigate through the site. A dropdown menu appears when you click LANPASS from the main menu with links to 13 different topics, including how to earn and redeem kilometers. A topic that doesn't normally get highlighted from the main menu but is useful is a link to How many kms for your trip. Enter your departure and arrival cities and the tool will display the minimum number of miles required for your trip. However, the page also has a disclaimer that says, "The amounts shown are for reference purposes only and do not include the km required for flight segments not operated by LAN." Award flights on LAN are based on zones whereas flights on oneworld and partner airlines are based on the travel distance so the tool is only accurate for flights on LAN. To view the award charts, click How to use your kilometers from the main menu.

Navigating the LANPASS website is easy and it's good to see that the airline allows award booking for some partner airlines online, but the online booking tool has some flaws.



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