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Ratings & Reviews

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Website Review


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Rated: February 2013- LifeMiles is the frequent flyer program of Avianca and TACA. When you access the LifeMiles pages of avianca.com, you'll see two sections in the middle of the page. One entices you to Find out More! and the other asks you to Enroll! The Find out More! section lets you know that LifeMiles is the frequent flyer program of Avianca, TACA and AeroGal and when you click the button you are directed to a slow-loading page with two more buttons from which to choose: Earn and Enjoy.

The Earn button takes you to yet another page of links: Travel, Credit Cards, LifeMiles e-Store, Services and More LifeMiles? If you click the Travel button, you have the option of three more buttons with limited information on the page. When you click Airlines, for example, the next page features logos of all of the Star Alliance member airlines as well as AeroGal and Iberia. But these are logos only, they do not link to any information. So after five pages into the site, you still don't know how many miles you earn when flying Avianca. Several pages are accompanied with a rather annoying computer-generated voice-over lasting up to over three minutes of information that would be more easily digested in quick bulleted text on a page.

In other words, you can waste a lot of time and not find out much of anything if you don't access the site directly through LifeMiles.com.

Once we realized the false start we had by not going directly to LifeMiles.com, we found the LifeMiles site helpful with complete information for members of the program. The site isn't extremely functional; for example, you still have to call to get missing credit because you can't do that through the website, but at least you can find all of the information you need to get the missing credit.

The site is easy to navigate with all of the usual links you would want to access as a member of LifeMiles displayed from the home page: Discover LifeMiles, Your LifeMiles, Earn, Enjoy and Tools & Tips. The Tools & Tips page especially shows that the program has put an effort into their online presence. It includes tutorials (unfortunately with the computer-generated voice). Members can also access an earning and spending calculator--the spending calculator even lets you input multicity trips to see the miles you'll need to achieve your dream trip. Enjoy is also an interesting link to follow because it displays ways that you can spend your miles. Want an entertainment option in Costa Rica? You can spend 7,000 LifeMiles for 10, 3-D movie tickets at Cinepolis Costa Rica. Or how about a Pacaya Volcano Tour in Antiqua, Guatemala for 3,750 miles? The site will entice members to want to earn more miles in order to get the awards and there are a lot of awards they can aspire to. And once they've found the award they want, they simply place it in their shopping cart and checkout from there with miles instead of cash. Overall, LifeMiles.com is rather fun.



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