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Ratings & Reviews

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Marriott Hotels Rewards
Website Review


(14 ratings)

Rated: January 2012- Marriott Rewards has made several changes to its website since we last reviewed it a few years ago. The site has a clean look with few graphics and in place of a menu bar on the left side of each page, links to program information have been incorporated into the overall design. A dropdown menu is located under the Marriott Rewards heading or you can click one of the featured links on the home page, organized within the three main categories of Earn, Use and Discover.

Marriott Rewards recently launched new Air and Car awards and upped the sign-up bonus of the credit card to 50,000 points. Links to both of these offers are located prominently on the home page. Under Use, you'll also find links to a list of the current PointSavers hotels and a points calculator. With the points calculator, you can type in the number of points you wish to use and the types of awards you are interested in, such as air mileage, travel packages or hotel services and extras. The calculator will let you know which awards are available within your points budget.

You'll find a link to Program News under Discover where you can view the latest information about the program, including recent promotions with links to register, new hotels and changes to the Marriott Rewards program. You can also click on a downloadable .pdf of the latest newsletter.

Marriott Rewards hosts an online community that can be accessed via a link at the bottom of the page.

When redeeming points for hotel stays, members can use the online reservation booking tool and click the Use Marriott Rewards points box. The search engine will display a list of hotels and the number of points required for an award night, along with the price in dollars.

The program recently redesigned the My Account section and some members were quick to voice their unfavorable opinions about the updated design. With the new design, members could only view three upcoming reservations at a time and the ability to view program toward lifetime elite status disappeared as well. While a few members conceded that the visual look of the My Account section was an improvement, they preferred having access to more information over the cleaner look. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" was a frequent refrain in the online discussion about the changes.

In response to member feedback, Marriott Rewards reinstated some of the features and functionality, including lifetime elite nights, a printable .pdf of all upcoming reservations and rollover nights, to name a few. The program plans to add the ability to click and modify each upcoming reservation from the list, functionality that was possible before the redesign.

We like the look of the Marriott Rewards website and the site is easy to navigate. The program has been responsive to member feedback to its redesign of the My Account pages and restored (or are in the process of restoring) the features members were unhappy about losing.



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