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All Nippon Airways ANA Mileage Club
Website Review


(4 ratings)

Rated: December 2013- The website of All Nippon Airways Mileage Club is well-known even among those who don’t fly on All Nippon Airways. For years, members of Star Alliance FFPs have flocked to the site to search for flight awards across the Star Alliance network. Unlike most airlines that only include award seat inventory for their own flights and a handful of partners, Mileage Club was one of the first programs to include awards on multiple carriers. When searching for an award ticket on Star Alliance flights, the Mileage Club award booking tool displays current Star Alliance award availability over a seven day booking window up to 330 days in advance. Whether you are booking your flight with miles from United MileagePlus, Lufthansa Miles & More or Aeroplan, the Mileage Club website is a good place to start your search and you can call the program with which you have miles to book the flight.

You will need to sign up for an ANA Mileage Club account to use the site and if you don’t have miles in your account, you will need to search for an ANA international flight award on ANA-metal only before you can access Star Alliance inventory. Mileage Club began restricting use of its award booking tool to only those members with miles in their account, but there is an alternative workaround if you don’t have any Mileage Club miles. Enter any ANA flight, such as Los Angeles to Tokyo, and when you view the flight results, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Use Star Alliance Member Airlines.” You can then enter the actual route you would like to fly and search for your itinerary segment by segment. You can also transfer Membership Rewards points or SPG points into ANA Mileage Club to access the Star Alliance booking tool without having to search for a flight on ANA first.

The site isn’t adept at pulling up all of the possible options for complicated itineraries, so it’s better to search for direct flights between city pairs and piece together your itinerary based on availability.

Aside from the comprehensive Star Alliance booking tool, ANA Mileage Club’s website is functional but otherwise unremarkable. Each main category is listed on the homepage with a link “For details” to click and learn more. A small link to the AMC Terms and Conditions is located in small print at the top of the page. Click for details about Earn Miles, for example, and you can view a page full of links to learn more about how to earn miles, organized into Flight Miles and Partner Miles. Here you’ll find links to several mileage earning charts and there are individual charts for departures and arrivals from Japanese airports and a mileage chart for all other airports. While the website provides very detailed information about the program, the layout is difficult to navigate without a tabbed menu at the top or side of the screen. You will have to return to the Mileage Club homepage to access information about different aspects of the program. Aside from inefficient navigation, the website provides thorough information about Mileage Club and remains a go-to site when searching for Star Alliance flights.



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