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Ratings & Reviews

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Qatar Airways Privilege Club
Website Review


(0 ratings)

Rated: October 2011- The home page for Qatar Airways Privilege Club is dominated by rotating photos and text featuring current offers from the program such as discounts and bonus miles offers from partners, 2,000 Qmiles for booking online and more. Below this rather distracting display are more photos and links under the headings Welcome to a World of Privileges (with a link to more information) and Qmiles booking bonus (with a link to a page explaining that you'll earn 2,000 bonus miles for your first online booking and 500 bonus miles for subsequent bookings) and an area to log in and manage your account.

At the top of the home page there are quick links to join the program, use a Qmiles earning calculator and view members' account information. And if you're new to Privilege Club, the learn more link will take you to a page that explains everything you'd want to know about the program.

Of the links featured on the home page, the calculator is probably one of the most used because members can input their departure and destination city to see how many Qmiles they will earn. There's an earn calculator for the main member and another for family members. And users can quickly see how many Qmiles they'll earn based not only on destination, but also on cabin class (including the various booking classes) and elite status. There's also a link to a chart showing Qmiles plus cash award options accompanied on the side by some aspirational photos of places you can go.

Once logged in, members can view their membership level, account balance in Qmiles and Qpoints, current bookings, latest Qmiles activity and can quickly see where they are in relation to obtaining the various status levels through a graphic. Also on the page are quick links to many of the items a member would need to do such as claim missing miles, book award flights and upgrades, buy miles, edit their profile as well as links to the latest news and offers, an FAQ, terms and conditions and more. Members can book Qatar award tickets for flights departing at least two days in advance and other awards such as partner flights can be requested via the website but not actually booked. Presumably, once you make your request for a flight, you'll be contacted to finish the transaction.

The terms and conditions includes a table of definitions such as membership level, membership year, qualifying flight, statement, etc.--something you don't often see programs include and a good idea to help members slog through all the information that is included in the T&C. The Frequently Asked Questions is equally user-friendly with headings such as General FAQs, Claim Missing Miles, Earning Qmiles & Qpoints and Redeeming Qmiles along with quick links featuring specific questions such as "Can I earn Qmiles on behalf of my family member?" This is preferable to the long list of FAQs some programs resort to where you have to scroll until you find the Q&A you're looking for.

The site has recently been updated and although we miss the understated elegance of the former home page, this new site is much more functional.



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