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Ratings & Reviews

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South African Airways Voyager
Website Review


(6 ratings)

Rated: June 2008- South African Airways' Voyager Web site does not look or feel like an African voyage. A simple six-choice menu bar at the top of each page and hardly any graphics, links or colors makes navigation through the site more like a walk in the park than a voyage. The only complicated aspect of the site is that it is broken up into two parts, the main Voyager site and the program guide. The home page features corresponding links that allow you to perform various functions. In the My Voyager section, you can claim missing miles, view a mileage summary, book flight and non-flight awards or use a mileage calculator. The Earn and Spend sections take you directly in new windows to the in-depth Voyager program guide.

The site layout is simple, which makes navigation easy and uncomplicated. Most of the information about the program can be found in the comprehensive online member guide. Seven menu options within the program guide give a straightforward summary with little sales propaganda of each topic: Voyager At a Glance, Tier Status and Benefits, Earning Miles, Spending Miles, Keep in Touch, Voyager and Star Alliance and Terms and Conditions.

On the Earning Miles page, there are lengthy, in-depth charts showing exactly how many miles can be earned for flying with SAA or airline partners in different fare classes. At the bottom of the page is a mileage-earning table that lists the distance in miles of SAA flights. You can also research how many miles can be earned from SAA's non-airline partners including hotel, car rental and retail outlets.

The Spend section of the program guide offers charts outlining how many miles are required to redeem awards on SAA and partners. Basically, if you just want to learn about Voyager, you can go straight to the program guide.
With few links, the Voyager site is barely interactive. The only user-site interaction that takes place occurs in the My Voyager section where members can book awards and use the mileage calculator. There is no search engine, so finding specific tidbits of information is no easy task. Reading each category all the way through may be the best method for finding what you're looking for. And if you can't find what you're looking for, you can contact Voyager via telephone, fax, mail or email with the information found on the Keep in Touch link.

Other noteworthy aspects of the site include a quarterly newsletter (found through the About Voyager link) and a promotions page. The quarterly newsletter contains information such as current promotions, partner changes and charity affiliations. The promotions section lists current and future promotions, a feature that is always appreciated by frequent flyers.

Overall, SAA has created an informative, user-friendly frequent flyer site for its current and prospective members. The simplicity of the layout and color scheme makes it as fast and navigable as any competing airline Web site. The separate program guide allows visitors to thoroughly learn about every aspect of the program. Anyone can embark on this voyage and become better acquainted with the Voyager program.



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